New player and trying to figure stuff out

Hello all… I was curious what are the designs around the hero’s pics and where are some different than other? What do these symbolize and how do you progress forward?

This is 3star bronze Fame Portrait … You need habor fames points to get it…

You mean one star!

No i mean 3 star bronze Portrait

Is this like the blue dress/gold dress thing?

Yup, @PanicMind is seeing the white and gold dress while @NAPC is looking at the blue and black one.  :wink:


Jokes aside @IRCFireMedic, you need to build the Ithacan Harbor and earn Fame Points to see your beautiful portrait growing and glowing. Here are some guides.





It is one star, because there is only one star on the Portrait…

Three star would be with three stars:

ok lol so if the 1 Star portrait its the 3 Stars portrait so that means now 1 Star portrait its the new 3 Stars Portrait?

Like the expression : The white is the new black