New player in need of alliance!

I have just gotten my 3rd unit and spell and i am building quickly! Looking for any alliance that has blazing knight if possible!


Any takers?


IGN= PK:er

Me too looking for alliance top 100 that i can call home

I want alliance that chats alot

Boost on knight, barricade , mummy

Im lv 82 can donate 500k

Highest throphy ever get is 4k


Ign ; wiltotan

And sorry lv 81

Hello, I’m Jinnie. Do you want to join our alliance?. Our alliance name is PK: Laughing Coffin. We have mummy,knight,archer, cannon, baricade and even more…and of course, we also have many active members from many countries. We are a big famiily. I’ll send you an invite. We always welcome you :slight_smile: