New player looking for a first alliance

Hey guys just started playing and so far I’m
Enjoying the game. That said I am looking for a first alliance with active members that I can grow in. I’m from the United States but I’m down to be in any alliance that speaks English. Let me know whose got some availability. Current trophy count is only 700


There’s sooooo much to learn young grasshopper!

I’ve been playing 2.6yrs. Friend me. I help you.



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How do you send a friend request? Like I said still very new but I don’t see the button to do that. Good to see the game has a long standing community.

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Frozen there’s players here that have been here since the start. Like 5+ years.

When you’re on your hero screen there’s FRIEND and ALLIANCE requests boxes you can checkmark

It’s the screen where you can change your face/hair/color/etc

Hope that helps

I just realized this is not same game I’m playing lmao

I’m in Royal Revolt 2