New player looking for alliance (done)

I started the game a day or two ago. I’m level 19 and could use a group of people to play with.


EDIT: I have found an alliance. Thanks everyone.

Hi Delicieux,

we are a mainly English but also German speaking alliance and

we’d be very happy to have you with us, because we’re looking for some active players.

Join us here “For Reasons Unknown”.


our alliance FairyTail…welcome everybody from all over the world! and thats what we are by now. i´m from germany and some other guys, too. in chat we are talking english. my hero level is 77. it doesnt matter how much you donate, but just do it. most important is that you want to fight with us together in war. if youre loyal for a long time youll get general. if it`s necessary, we start various boosts. we can take 22 soldiers - be a part of it and join us!

best regards,


Hi you can enter in !_the end_! 


My advice to you is pick a alliance with close to the same level players. War will be a lot more fun vs a higher alliance that you would not be able to fight and win in.

Fairy tail looks to be a good alliance for you to join.  You would not have fun in a alliance like mine the lows players in our wars is 2,000 trophies or more.


Accademia one piece are new alliance , you can enter and play With our Players :grinning:

Thanks everyone. I found an alliance I will be sticking with for a while.