new player rank in a guild


I came by an idea and mailed it to flaregames, but I also would like to have your opinion on the subject. This for a possible new update.

The subject would be the ranks of players within the guild.

From previous similar game experience, I think it´s unfair for the leader that the only difference that he/she has towards the general is the rank attribution to players. General’s shouldn´t have access to the emblem/flag of the guild, nor changing or have access to the remark/description posted on the guilds page. I think that would be just entirely for the leader, seems more fair and respective towards the leader.

So, for the General the war decisions and player intake or expulsion would be more than enough as a way to help the leader around.


Another thing I would like to share with you is that it could exist more ranks for a leader to choose for his guild players. I think 3 isn´t really a fair decision for a leader.

In our guild at least (and I am not the leader), we feel there are players worth to be promoted but we don´t feel comfortable in doing so because the general already has guild decisions and we don´t want everyone worth promotion to be able to have access to that.

My suggestion in this would be possibly create 1 or 2 more ranks to smooth this decision. At least one more, a Sergeant between the Soldier and General. If 2 more would be possible, between the Sergeant and General create, for example, a Captain. This 2 ranks (the Sergeant and Captain) would be like the Soldier, meaning no active decision taking in the guild.

But the creation of these 1 or 2 categories would already turn visible:

  • an importance of the player in a guild;

  • more rank distinction between players;

  • recognition of long playing player for more “fresh” ones;

  • their motivation by a possible promotion;

  • and effort put in the game.

And this without compromising a decision taking for promotion because not every player should be able to have some sort of decisions access.

What do you think about this?

I am a leader of a top 100 Alliance, I am happy for generals to have access to emblem and alliance messages, but don’t really see the point of having other rank of soldier. 

There other more useful things flare could be doing for alliances,  like a joining page so we can post our requirements, also some kind of filter so we don’t have to be continually refusing applications from players who don’t meet our joining criteria. 

It’s the opposite: it is vital for generals to have access to the alliance message.
In an alliance with fast moving chat that’s the only way to communicate the war
strategy to the other members :grinning:

I´m not talking about the chat.

I was referring to the message that appears on the guild main description

at least in our case I don´t really thing player read that message so often. the chat works well for strategy communication

what I thought of the alliance message is for player that want to join, not as strategy communication or inside information. because that information is public, everyone sees it

What you have written in the chat is often gone after an hour, or even less. Members who didn’t logon during this hour,
don’t get any information. That’s the reason, why you need access to the alliance message. I mean exactly the same
as you: the alliance description. You seem to never have changed it :grinning:  When you do, all members get the new text as
a mail in their inbox, including an alert (flashing button and number of new mails). If you have more to tell, change the
text e.g. five times in a row and all members get five mails.
You don’t read the “static” text very often, that’s true, but all members should read their mails shouldn’t they :slight_smile:

The alliance message is not public :grinning:  Try to read mine :stuck_out_tongue:  You are in E.A.D, but your alliance message is not displayed
to me. It is only an inside information. Given that: players that want to join can’t read it from outside and have to join first
to read it. So it serves well as a tool to communicate the strategy in war. E.g. if you want to tell your members which fight
has the highest priority, write it in the alliance message and send it as a mail to all.

Maybe a co-leader would be nice, but just one person. :grinning:  They can demote/promote generals.

Not all leaders can quote Churchill , Sun Tzu and everyone in-between. Some people have the ability to raise people spirits in war and Zombie. They may not have the best strategy or not be the best recruiter, but can play a important part for the alliance. The best alliances have Generals that have jobs to do. In weaker alliances it’s only honorary.

Oh, ok. Thank you :grinning: we learn something every day xD didn´t know that only the members could see it :grinning: that´s a whole different story :slight_smile:

about the email, when it was changed, I didn´t recall getting an email. Can always talk to mine and the leader and try. Thanks again!

But we try to keep that contact with our members, that´s why I put this post up, for opinions.

I for example am a General and have my job to do, sure. Of course we´re still growing, but not that week anymore as many (I think). So there are other generals that could be those “honorary ones” like you called them. And its about those that I meant could be created another category since its a recognition of the importance in the alliance but doesn´t really has a defined task or don´t has to, but still doesn´t deserve to be a simple soldier like other (doe to more contribution or activeness, you name it). On the other hand, there are lot of other players that maybe deserve to be promoted but doesn´t go through because between general and soldier doesn´t seems enough and sometimes not fair to the generals themselves. For me a generals commitment is different (and should be) to most players in an alliance. That´s what I was trying to say with this whole rank and category thing.

At a higher ranked alliance we see it different then this. We require 10/10, Daily donation, High if not max AT from every player. So promotion here is based on what job you do within the Alliance. If I was to go to a lower ranked team having a 1000k alliance tower and Fighting every battle every war, I would probably be promoted within a day to a week. I have seen it many times. This is why I say honorary.

I have been offered to be general a few times - but it also comes with more responsibilities. I am a lazy (but honest) person - so I will tell that I do not have time for these (very useful and important) tasks. I like to stay soldier.

BUT  a leader is only as good as his/her choices, and his/her choices is only as good as the information available to him/her.

If it was possible to see a profile of a player when he apply (his CV) then everything will be better. In that profile there need to be:

  1. Average donations for last 20 days

  2. Alliances he was in during the last 20 days

  3. His average scull score during previous war season.

Currently it takes about 14 days before a new alliance members worth can be measured - and that is bad.  It is not really possible to measure a persons worth when he applies.  

A new type of soldier is useless, but some of these ranks can be useful :

  • The recrutor (he can t declare war or activate some boosts, just recruit and kick players)

  • The treasurer (trésorier in French) (he can see how many time and how many a player gives the last 7 days, like the chef and the generals) P.S.: It is a new idea to see the weekly donations, to follow the activity)


And the players will have a name, in function of the time since they are in the alliance.

Sorry I take some of your ideas, but it is because I think this too, and I don t see your post before I write.

If nothing else, what about being able to add a title for each member?   max 10-20 characters.  Can only be seen from within the Alliance. 

  • Accountant
  • Base Tester
  • War Monger
  • MVP
  • Slacker

Today’s update 2.8 in Olympus Rising has just introduced two new ranks for the Alliance: Captain or something who can do everything a general (officer) does but is not allowed to spend alliance gold and Veteran, which is basically a foot soldier but has a higher ‘rank’ than soldiers.

Just thinking - why not do this for RR2? Could be useful for the next update.

Yep!! you take all content in Olympus Rising like Rank and Chest like obtain 1 tier = 1 key, 2 tier = 2 key and 100% = 3 key. I have play more yesterday and advance my game. I really love the fact you unlock a hero and that allow you to unlock at the same time some spells. Do you see all the list of spells its amazing maybe 20 spells. OK RR2 cannot be a clone of Olympus Rising but still if Flaregames take what they have done in Olympus Rising I think we can have something interesting in RR2

For War Season I imagine something like Dawn of Steel fight Map. Each Alliance must conquer each territory. Each members take a hexagon and fight a members of the adverse alliance

Slightly off-topic here but Olympus Rising is on update 2.8 whilst RR2 is on update 2.6, even though RR2 is about 2 years older than OR.

Just something to think about.

But again I would like to see more alliance ranks implemented in RR2. They just need to pick the correct colours :grinning:

Perhaps the veteran can invite members but that’s it; and invitations appear in his/her mailbox.

lol sorry I know RR2 was made before Olympus Rising lol sorry I don’t think someone reply me on that. I mean we can take feature of the others game but not necessary make clone of each others. I forgot each time I must precice my stuffs sorry