New players and Odyssey fames and enhancements

Hi all, I’d like to propose an idea to help new players to “catch up” with old players in Odyssey. I’d like to respect 2 principles:

  • We don’t take away someone’s hard work.
  • If you want to catch up, you must do the hard work.

So basically, the idea is inspired from one of the recent updates, the possibility to do multiple power/spell upgrades. After the 5 usual adventures, which determine how many Sea Chests you get, you can have “bonus” adventures, e.g. if you are not Gold frame (20K fames) you can have 1 bonus adventure that will count towards your fames and enhancements (but not the Sea Chests). Of course this is just an example and the fame thresholds and number of bonus adventures are to be discussed.

Let’s have a good discussion, and maybe (hopefully) many better ideas!

Can someone with above 20k odyssey points also get a chance to do extra odyssey adventures every week because I want to reach number one rank in hall of fame :joy::joy::joy:.

Same here! I’ll do 2 more if they let me :smiley:

Love you guys :rofl:!

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The other suggestion (@Philstar ‘s I believe) was just to start players off with a point buy to get them started, but I like this suggestion a little better. If you got , whatever, 5k fame, the moment you opened Ithaca, a low level player would be tempted to spend it all on the structures and powers they were currently using — which isn’t a bad strategy at all! But some players might also wish they had those points back later to distribute differently.

This way you earn those hurry up fame points, but you allocate them organically as you grow.

Both ideas have a lot of merit, though.


Hey don’t be greedy you already have 8k more points than me in odyssey.:smirk:

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Sounds reasonable

Great idea, I love him already! :sweat_smile::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Hahaha … I don’t like it at all…


lool keep playing it then :)))

Its not a bad idea, problem is until the low lvl player raises their lvl sufficiently to maybe 140+, higher lvl players will always have the option of selecting higher difficulty oddessy and thus gaining more fame points etc.
Sure recent updates have helped to speed up the lvl up process, but even so theres a limit to resources if you are going to try and lvl up fast, then you actually can’t do the higher oddessy quests anyway. Which is why I think new starts need an initial boost or say 20% of what the max guy has, and there needs to be some mechanism to help them stay in the oddessy fame game, but once they have established themselves the added ‘help’ ends. Maybe at 50% of #1 guys fame the help like @Marinien suggests comes to an end.

Players would leave this game once they understand the fame points and the fact they will ALWAYS be a million miles away from the top, especially now that FG put a league table in there! In other games I’ve played where time played is the determining factor, a new server is allocated for new players to compete roughly equally, of course here there is nothing, just huge fish and little minnows, all the medium fish seem to have left the game,; at the point they realised fame was impossible to compete with.

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I know some players like issac yu, Cesar, captain jet that has very low odyssey points because they started playing game late too but they never gave up fought hard and definitely never complained about being new to the game on forum.
Now look at them they are at top of the table of ranking.

I would say another thing odyssey points doesn’t make an account stronger but players commitment to improve. Also without odyssey points a guy with 14k points has defeated guys with over 40k points.:roll_eyes:


Do you have any evidence that a majority of mid-level players quit because of fame? Most players quit a game, ANY game, after a week. People get bored and start a new game. I think OR is good enough to have played it for 3 years, but I’m insane.

There are probably some people who quit in mid-game because of fame, but there are probably also people who quit because they don’t like how artemis is unlocked, or they don’t like the griffin islands, or they don’t like war, or they don’t like the art design for Odysseus. Fame is a big pet peeve for you, I understand that, but you’re still playing.

Of course, if this suggestion has echo in the developers I hope that I can also have the opportunity to do more odyssey, I have time that I want to increase another 5 levels at least … A long time I have been in the first place, but I find no benefit some, but should I get something that distinguishes me from others, right? I don’t know at least one chocolate bar or bubble gum … I mean you want the adventures to be improved to improve your masteries, I want the same … I understand that there is a huge difference with the new players, but this kind of benefits should be only for new accounts and less than 1 year, giving them the opportunity to obtain up to 20,000 of fame. For old players it shouldn’t be possible, because many had the opportunity to play their odyssey to the fullest, just as I did …

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Well, I think that it’s exactly what I proposed. Of course the number 20K fames in my original post was just for example. It can be more, or less.


You on 1st place can have a bloody redish frame on your GK icon, can that distinguish u from others? lol or u want a Crown? :)))

It’s only because they put a league table in there with no way of really competing for it. I’m happy with my 2 years fame accumulation.
I’m just trying to imagine what a new start would think when the penny drops that there’s no way in the game to bridge that gap, whether they need to or not is another matter entirely, but given there’s a league table, they probably might think it’s important.

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A chocolate bar

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Yep, each week you can get 375 of fame, for 52 weeks, 19500 per year.

Ok, so you’re saying there was a mass exodus of mid-level players last week after the fame ranking was implemented? I have a hard time believing that’s true.