New players searching for clan!


I am fairly new to this game and I am looking for an active alliance to join! I am active and will donate daily. I am growing my base and help out however I can. I am back in college for Civil Engineering and this game is my downtime! I am currently not in an alliance so please send me an invite or post here if you are an active alliance looking for newer players who will be loyal and stay active! Thanks. 


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One thing you might want to edit/add to your post is your current king level, trophy range and alliance tower level, as those are criteria that are important for most alliances for choosing appropriate candidates that fit into their group.

Giving his ign is good enough…i think so



my IGN is Kamuno, I’m 25 years old. I’m currently a Lvl 50 King with 1,6k trophies and rising. I started playing some weeks ago and started my own Alliance. But its very hard to find active members, so I’m now searching for one, instead of trying to build my own. I can donate 75k/day currently. My native language is German, but my English is ok, I guess.I can not spend real money to support the alliance, though, as I’m a poor student.


I applied to a few of the Alliances in this Forum, but I guess, I am still too bad for them, because I dont have >3k trophies.

I’m getting there, though :stuck_out_tongue:


PM me or just straight Invite me ingame.


kamu’ / Chris

Feel free to become a member of my current Alliance, named United we stand.  Send an invitation request to the leader Master Diaz and I am almost certain he will let you join our team.

Join the flaming blades all that is required is donating everyday doesn’t matter how much trophies or how much u donate