New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

Hi there,

I am already opening this thread for the new Pro-Set. The Sanzu Set.

It is not available yet, it will come soon, we will announce it when the time has come. :slight_smile:

You can discuss it here if you want to! :slight_smile:


Bring defeat to your foes and conquer new Kingdoms! This Pro-Set truly stands for triumph over your enemies.


Wow looks amazing… credit goes to designers… 

Looks nice Madlen. But it would be more interesting if we knew what kind of items we can expect. 

Wow, as a fan of Japanese mythology, I have to say…

I’m in love!

Awesome job Flare, hats of to you!  :grinning:

tenor (1).gif

@Madlen could you  share print screens  of individual items as a preview with stats etc? Or we need to wait for items to reach pro shop? :slightly_frowning_face:

Please make it  super good item and price 60k crystal per item and not available in chests. 

I need something nice and special spend my 650k crystals on 

Lol Manamus, you can buy something special : our next phoebe level ?

show us more detail?

i look forward … maybe we will get new cool features …. like the horkos hand series…

today i got horkos infect … i infect 2 necros at the firt raid … nice nice nice  ogre.png

WOW! I love it! Definitely will be going for these items, if not for the perks, then for the looks!

I would love there to be a huge leadership gloves item. That would complete my total leadership King

Could we be seeing a new chicken pal? I think they may be teasing us with the flag cloak! Notice how there is a chicken running on it! That would epic!

Man, that would be so neat!

Just imagine…

Using Pal Flute, only to see a freaking huge chicken, pecking your enemies to death! :wink:


CIA approves chicken pal idea. Flare you got our blessing. 

CIA? Chicken Intelligence Agency?

No, no, no. C.I.A. = Chicken Is Awesome!

Chicken will be sent to fight and abused. I approve the idea. Flare, please add the chicken pal  :slight_smile:

Will it have any difference between the male and the female avatar, or we won’t be able to tell them apart with this full armour?

Great armour, btw!!! I bet almost everyone in the game is probably gonna look the same once it’s released  :stuck_out_tongue: