New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

If you notice, there is always a slight difference between the male and female avatars. Like the Omega set, the female hero will have a slimmer torso and the expression in the eyes is also different. Other than that there’s not much

I wish they would relax the rule on vanity. Right now you’ll have to subscribe monthly to make your king look how you want it to look. If you stop the subscription then it goes back to normal.


I don’t mind paying a one time fixed gem for vanity. Like maybe 500 gems to change an existing item to have an appearance of another item you have (the latter will be sacrificed then).


Would be nice to run around in a samurai costume on one’s normal gear…

Exactly! I loved the look of the Bad Santa items, however, the perks on them made my hero much worse than my normal gear. I would love to be able to pay a fee, using in game currency, to have good looks in battle!

There is not always a difference   
I know because I like to check the hero to know if I should refer to some players as he or she but some items look exactly the same.

The armour from the vampire pro-set doesn’t have a slimmer torso when we change to female avatar.
And the Omega helmet is another good example. Because I don’t know what you think you are seeing in the eyes there, but it’s exactly the same thing for male and female avatar.

Some items combinations have no difference at all between male and female hero:

I liked the expression of a new Japanese armor samurai so humorous.

I think that I especially like Japanese players.

Taking Pal to the battle The face of a chicken to accompany accompanying is a Syamo(軍鶏)/game cook.



can we discuss a possible appearance change and kept the perk when do so, i would love to have a full costume or armor but i dont want to use perk like exp or fire dmg agains strong basilik , gargoyle base or something like that 

When will the new items coming??? 

Don’t think anytime soon, since pro league started and they can’t release the new version without messing it up. 

Really hope something awesome : Speed perk on cape,slow perk on samurai sword, I guess start morale on head, blade storm on boots,blade storm aura ring,double blade storm belt and skull perk on glove

The set is consisting of helmet, shoulder pads, cape, body armor, gloves, belt, boots and sword.

360° view:


Can u see new set after update.  I cannot.  Or we wait for pro to be over

Hey Vinny, we were told that the Pro Set would come out in a forced version tomorrow. So, that means that, not only do we get the Sanzu Set, but we also get another Update Chest!!

We will know more tommorrow. Really hope its something great and not just boring perk like piercing or poison damage or of this kind

We already know what all (or most) of the perks are. Just watch the 4.5 video again. My favorite looking is the Skull Boost ring. That’ll top off my skull boost hero!

The skull belt is good, but I’d skip the ring.

Heal and kickback auras are too good to give up on skull rings. I’d get one of those instead. 

lol my bad I have read all yesterday but the only thing I didn’t is watch the video. Fine I know what to do right now :lol:

Hm a little bit disappointed - I was hoping for a new cool Aura for the Ring.

well seem a little disappointing when you look this really awesome new set. Probably will stay in the Pro shop and take dust. Nothing interest me in this set. Never buy something just for is look.

I wanted a weapon of professional equipment medal boost.

Although medal boost was good for all the sunz-sets ?

When I will reach level 130 (I reached level 120 before the end of January) I will buy/collect all pro items with skull gear and with luck gear at their maximum level (to have the best possible stats).