New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

Most items were just the omega set perks reshuffled, and overpriced. ? Skull ring and belt not impressive either as perks are pretty ordinary.

Agreed. Though the skull perks could be useful for players who don’t have a great skull hero, this set really isn’t useful for anything other than good looks

The secondary perks aren’t too appealing, sure would be nice for those who are incredibly unlucky with the blacksmith but eventually you need a better ring at least, auras could be difference between no revive war raids or multi-revive raids.

I want a composite function that permanently shifts the item effects of A and B.

I would like to renew wolf helmet as professional equipment as well.

I also want a medal boost, but I also want various magical boosts ”Hammer strike”

Many people would like to attach at various parts.

I hope it will be easy to duplicate the effect of the item.

It will be after later that RR 2 players will become fashionable as they are satisfied with the efficacy.