New pro items and perks

We recently saw some new pro items appears in our game. These new perk are good debate matters ; witch one is the more useful, witch ones seem to be useless? Can you please share the informations and strategies you have been discovering with these new items. Thank you everybody! Then I start, I have the :

  1. -zombie 20,7%/black magic gloves – 5/5 – very useful, the new perk transform time to time an enemy into a full hp zombie, very good to complete an army with wolf or ogres.              

  2.  -petrify 20,1%/stunning damage gloves --2/5-- interesting but having one chance on 5 of petrifying one enemy at a time is quite boring… Better use Janus that petrify everything around you at high level. Plus by using it you lose the possibility of hitting fast with the scream and the twos perks become less interesting           

  3. Electrify 20,4%/slowdown 7,5% sword(I pearled the second perk) --4/5-- very good when you face bunch of monsters, it electrify two at a time for a small amount of time. Add to the slow down perk it become a deadly weapon. 

I think that if you use the glove and the sword at the same time the chances become higher.

Ex : electrify 20,4% + zombie 20,7%= 41,1% chance that one of these perk activates while you hit an enemy. But it have to be proved I’m not sure.

       Also, I think that the chances are individualized on each enemy. 

Ex: so if I hit 5 different enemies one or two times each, it could not happen. But one enemy 5 time it have 100% chances of working. 


So that’s it, please share your experience with the community. Everyone needs it since there is no more very active youtubers that analyze the game. Wish flotaboss will update his Chanel soon. 

Thank you!