New pro items far to low stats


I purchased (stupidly) the Aiön Sword wich have 24% fear perk. I tough the efficiency was calculated differently that for ring. But… not. 24% is useless. And starting skull are low, and can’t really improve (2 upgrade for + 0, 01 even for first upgrades… to low)

29K cristal is very very to high, I feel like I’ve been cheated by flare.

Yeah, it’s really weird seeing a Pro item with single target fear having only half the percentage status of a Uber item with aura fear. 

If only the effect was applied to our units normal attacks, that would be something neat!

Fear chance on the hero normal attacks?

Pfft, good luck fearing 1 or 2 units, which will be dead in no time…

You underestimate the advantage you get from instilling fear in 1 skeleton out of 40 currently on screen. It’s a sure victory lol.

Or would be, if they feared anything…