New Pro League Armor coming soon?

I was looking at pictures for my Youtube page when I came across this. These are really cool and we already have the armor labeled “D” (Omega Armor). Flaregames, please give confirmation on whether these other ones are real. They would be an awesome add to the Pro equipment

He knows that we already have Omega Armour. He want confirmation regarding the other set (A, B, and C).

seriously…please read my comment before posting please, it’s so frustrating. I said, D is already in the game. But A B and C aren’t. I was wondering if these new ones would make it to the game

Oh my goodness!! @RoyaleDing2 what a coincidence 

Oops, sorry @AwesomestKnightest! Need to catch up on sleep, heh. To answer your question, most likely no, since those 4 were the possible candidates to make it to the game, only 1 makes it, it is similar for other festival sets as well. Out of 3-4 designs, 1 makes it.  :grinning:

A and C looks beautiful. I would have chosen ‘C’. ? 

I know you all just want the D