New Pro League Reward

Yeah, these are the new PL Tiers. Honestly, I think this is a better way to do it, the player gets more chests this way and no one can bump you out of your spot in the tier

For me, the previous is better

but this one more fair for everyone

Now you Can win the Pro league and get just 1500 crystals? ?


In general those tiers are a better option, however they need to be balanced well. If winners or top 10 will get crap rewards like 2 chests 1.5k crystals well, that’s kinda not cool. Those were rewards for top 500.  Now it all comes to balancing by FG those tiers.

They should have @FTB to play through the league, and his score should be the 1st tier, then everything that comes after it to be scaled accordingly.



That’s a great suggestion. 


All in all I think these tiers are better because of Flare’s inability to deal with multi accounts in pro league. 

At least now you won’t get screwed because of other players using multi accounts (even though those players will still take advantage over you). 

Note:  The tiers will change depending on the Pro-Cup running.

Well if the tiers are wrongly set no one will be able the get the top rewards 

We’ll know at the end of current pro league.

For example if you make top 500 but only score a single pro chest.

Absolot sheet this pro prise!!!

Flare ???


I dont like the current Reward system as a person scoring 1200 is also getting the same number of chests as a 1600 points scorer will get…


It means that the skilled players are being ignored in this system…

For me they were a better option for the monthly leaderboard but seeing as they are working on the weekly PL and that they don’t have monthly tiers the get the worst of something that could have been quite good. 

With this new tiers thing, they should make it easier to beat stage 11 and 12, every week

Yeah, but next time there’ll be pals in the PL, so there will be no need then

Feel bad for those who being in top 10 will get basically same rewards than me scoring like 400 less and being somewhere in the 200th. Same number of chests and just 100-400 crystals more isn’t a good rewards between some tiers. FG for sure needs to put more work into this new system. At least in this particular league, where tiers seem to be set up too high. You can already tell by the scores that it is not easy to get to the tier with a bit better rewards than just 2-3 chests.  Unless all the greatest players are hiding now and will play later :wink:

Flothaboss score 1690 and a new super player lvl 55 score 1942 ?


Match flothaboss score and get 3 chests and 3000 crystals ?

Its FG, they’ll most likely troll you with a fcking Archimedes or a ■■■■■■ Bela, LEVEL 1

These tiers need to be balanced because so far everyone will get terrible prizes for their performance

I see the next pro leagues fighting with a lv 20 hero agaist top 12 bases. Sure the tiers will give us cool rewards. (joke)

Flare shoud make the pro leagues more playable… of course hard enough to give some problems to the players to deserve their rewards, but also not impossible. Getting max 1500-1600 from the best players… and also lower score from the others, the tiers will get a bad feedback. Test the Pro-leagues first then start them if the ballance its good.