New Pro Pal: Sycorax

(Note:  b/w  means  between )

Pal:  Sycorax   Beast:  Celestial Sycorax

Appearance : Dragon**(+1 Pro Bonus)**

Damage:  Fire +  Fear**(50%  - Fixed)**

Special Ability:  Hypnosis BladeStorm**(5.0s) **** **

Additional Damage:  _ Either   Poison**(with Fire) ** Or  _Blunt**(with BladeStorm)**

Range: 3.0**(Fire)****,   b/w 5.50   5.75(Hypnosis)**

Ability Range: b/w 6.0 -  6.50

Initial Level:  Hypnotizing  45%

Levelling Up:  Hypnosis +2.5%  Other Damages

Pro Crystals:  25,000 .

What is Hypnosis? Know about it from the link given below  :-


change the avatar! I confuse you with ftb 


So Basically we get Aki and Nidhogg combined, sounds like a waste of 25k Crystals to me

@AwesomestKnightest what about this post now ? See about new ability  Hypnosis _ _in my new post & then tell me how you like it now.

I just posted it before for time for me to think about some new ability of  my new pro dragon pal.

Yeah, but the thing is, Hypnosis would be the same as confusion I think, but maybe the hypnosis would completely take them over, not just for a few seconds. But I do love the Bladestorm idea, no pal has had that yet

Please wait for sometimes…

My new post will be coming soon about  Hypnosis  and you should read it.

Its not as Confusion but you’re right about taking over the units totally. Its much more than Black Magic + Confusion.

Dragon is cool but I guess we have too much dragon. Fire Dragon,Ice Dragon and Petrify Dragon if flare add a pal Dragon can be cool and I will be the first to try to get it via Festival or Uber pal chest but maybe too much dragon

Edit : Why not a cute sphynx pal. that can be awesome :wink: You have already the name Sycorax the sphynx. How can hypnotize and stun ennemy

We get one pro pal of each type animal.

And its a dragon pal not dragon from units.

Well I like your  Sphynx  Pal Idea because I was already planning about some Egyptian Desert Pal.

So I know what to do. I’ll be posting it in a 1-2 weeks. Thanks.

Remember that Pro Pals have to have some connection with space, whereby being a dwarf planet or a moon.

Sycorax is a good example since it is a moon of Uranus.


I’ve posted about this new awesome ability  Hypnosis :-  link at last of this post.

Go and check it now !

I think that no creators @FTB, etc have read this post, even _ Sycorax  _is a Moon of Uranus .