New pro set?

I’m levelling up very fast and I’m close to have 130 lvl Pro Items and I would like to know what you think about the nex Senzu set.

What do you think about it?

If you don’t have a good pro skull belt yet, get the belt and change life to scream (or leadership if you prefer).

The weapon is very very good (better than the Omega Sword imo).

Helmet, Armor, Cape and Pauldron can provide interesting combinations of scream/morale/leadership with other pro items. So take them if you really need to.

Skip the ring, gloves and boots.

Ad I said I’m just now reaching that point where I can buy Pro items at level 130 and I’m still unsure about what do buy.


I was thinking about Omega helmet and armor, Horkos’ gloves and Zelos ring, Apollo cape, Ares boots, one between Zelos and Omega belt, Sanzu pauldron  and I’m still not sure about the weapon.

Obviously I’m not really experienced and my “ideal set” it’s made out of it. Would you change something? Im curious about it because I already stacked 150k pro crystal and I would like to buy them.


Does it have to be 100% pro?

There are tons of possible and efficient combinations. There’s a lot of great pro items, but there are really great uber items which have no pro equivalent.

I don’t know which pal you play with, but I’m going to assume it’s any pal other than Fritz.


The must have items for almost any set are:

  • Cape with speed;

  • Weapon with Hero Scream Unit Speed (either Sanzu or Omega);

  • Ring with heal aura (Chloris)… or kickback aura (Zelos) is a good 2nd option;

  • Boots with speed.


Helmet, Armor, Pauldrons and Belt you can pick whatever pro items you prefer. The point is to get to your preferred combination of scream, leadership and morale.

Gloves are tricky since there’s no clear favourite.


However, there’s room to improve and to really adjust it to your playstyle and combo.

For example, if you use Hammerstrike, it could be useful to have a few Hammerstrike perks (on Helmet, Cape, Armor, Gloves, Belt and Boots; some of them are uber items); get the Ares Gloves if you want a stronger Bladestorm; if you want your pyros to be stronger, get a Pyro helmet (uber)… etc etc.

Your initial post is worded as ‘130 level pro items’, does it mean you are close to level 130 or you’re just about to get level 130 items?


If you’re no where near level 130, use whatever skull perks you have, don’t need to purposely get an entire new set of war gear as it will also become obsolete.


Even with items level 130, the item quality still changes dramatically as you level up.


You should focus on medal gear instead. Get both medal boots and cape. Reforge the other slots on those items if need be.


Get the Ares glove and use bladestorm. It’s one of the easiest spell in the game to use outside of war, and it enables you to attack much higher bases with gargoyles.


Get the Omega sword instead of the new pro item, reforge the second slot into slow perk. It’s a very powerful perk that can only be used outside war. It will help tremendously on your medal gear.


If your medal gear is good, winning DL consistently won’t be a problem, especially after flare fixed the dungeon exploit. The fastest way to progress is to be able to farm as much gems as possible. With tons more gems, you can always use it to skip forge cooldown during blacksmith event. This is where you’ll able to fast track and catch up with any top players.

Thank you for you comment.

Since I started to play seriously months ago many people told me to wait until I could buy pro items at their max level, but now you’re telling my hero’s level matter too.

Is the difference this big between level 115 and 130? ( example)

I believe you about the DLs but I’m not taking any care of medals perks right now because I use to pay quite a lot and then I don’t need to farm them in DLs.



Thanks again!

Obviously it doesn’t have to be 100% Pro set, but till now I’m using firestorm, bladestorm and sonicblast and 2 of these perks are on Pro items, that’s why I choose them.

I chose those gloves because I was reading the forum and I found out many people don’t like others because the % chance on them is too low and some said the best of them was Virus one.

As for pals, till now I play with Phoebe but I  know most of high levels do not use it so maybe I’ll change it in future with something else.

As for the combination of morale, scream and leadership, I’m playing with something around 230% morale and I feel comfortable with it that’s why I would like to play with Omega helmet and Omega sword or Senzu.

Im not very happy with my leadership and that’s why I was thinking about Senzu pauldron instead of Omega, loosing some scream for some leadership.


Anyway I understood the principles of it and I’ll try different combinations.




The difference is important if you want to have a proper end game, or you’re willing to buy those items again when you reach max level.


If medals aren’t important to you, then my next suggestion is to get a full xp gear, one that is strong enough for you to easily farm any difficult base while getting as much xp.


When I was at level 115 or so, with xp gear, and when there wasn’t any event, I used to gain 1 level per week on casual play. When I was serious, there were times that I could even gain 2 levels per week. It’s better to fast track all the way to level 130, then only start using your crystals for war gear. This may be a little selfish temporarily for your team, but in the long run, you’ll be an asset to your team anyway.


For xp gear setup, this is what I suggest (may cost a bit of crystals, but worth it if you want to speed up all the way to level 130)


  1. Get the Omega sword, and reforge the second perk into slowdown perk. (alternatively, you can get the chloris axe which comes with the slowdown perk already, and you need the extra speed if your raiding style is more spell focused instead of unit focused)


  1. Get the chloris ring and reforge second slot into XP perk.


  1. get Chloris armor for the double XP


  1. Zelos helmet


  1. Omega Pauldrons with double scream


(Zelos + omega pauldrons should give you 100% scream or close to it)


  1. Chloris boots for the XP


  1. Chloris Glove for the XP


  1. The new sanzu cape can be good, with speed and extra leadership


  1. uber item for belt, called ‘imperial seal’. You can reforge the first slow and have 2 leadership perks on the belt.



When you reach level 130, trust me, you will be happy to know that all items you get in whatever chests are of max quality (well, unless Flare adds more level to the game that is)

Hi thanks for you suggestions.

I was yet trying to get a full XP gear in order to level up faster and I have yet gloves, armor and boots you told me, and plus i have pauldron and Belt with XP.

I was a bit afraid to waste some crystals for the ring you said or the one with 2x XP perks.

That’s because I was thinking to buy pro items as soon as I can buy them level 130 and didn’t want to waste crystals.

But since you are telling me the difference is pretty big when I level up even after items are level 130 yet, I think I’ll use every XP perks I can and level up till level 130 because anyway I’ll need enough time to farm again those Crystals I’ll use now.

Obviously trying to have enough scream, leadership and morale for higher bases.


Here’s how the items’ stats are at Max level for chloris set, just to give you a rough idea. You can see for yourself and compare it to what you have in your shop since you’re at level 115.


Then decide for yourself if it’s worth rushing the levels first ?


There isn’t a huge difference in terms of stats on items, except for spell perks which are pretty higher.

Thanks again :slight_smile:  

with a good Pro XP set you can reach 300%+ XP Boost   :slight_smile: