New profile entry: Your in-game name!

Hello everyone,


we added a new field that lets you add your in-game name to your forum profile.


To add your in-game name, open your profile and click on “Edit my Profile”. Afterwards, simply enter your King’s name in the appropriate field.








I can’t see this. please say What’s field name.

Please see my topic, too.


Jona - Any word on fixing the issue with the loss of trophies ? I lost another 100 trophies today again with in this weel i have lost over 1,000 trophies i’ll never be able to hold my title until the issue is fixed because the amount of trophies i’m losing.

I dont see this option either. Something is wrong here.


Me too…

I agree, no obvious new field there?!

well, nobody see the new field…Jona where is the “appropriate field”?  :slight_smile:

Let me check this once more.


EDIT: It works for me. You can find the text field near the bottom of the edit profile page.

Hi Jona,

it works fine for me.

Ok, I checked again and it’s work now…thanks! 

yeah it works, though im not telling my ign.