New promote option between soldier and general.

Kindly bring one more promote option for the alliance soldiers.So a leader can promot them for their motivation and to keep them in the alliance. I will suggest “Commandor/Knight”. Put this promote between “soldier and general”. but dont give any access option of the alliance (Like to activate elite boost, to kick, to invite etc). Keep it just like soldier.

My king name: “Xaz007”

I agree with this ^^^^^^^


If I promote someone I have to have lots n lots of trust before I do it T_T , when i’m not careful who I promote all the alliance funding is immediately wiped clean thanks to them Activating Elite Boosts without approval or kicking everyone out >_<


make it so when we promote others we give them options of what they can and can’t do ,

What would be the point of giving someone such a title if that person couldn’t do anything above an “ordinary” soldier?

Perhaps accept members and kick 1 member per day.

Give leaders the ability to tick/untick boxes of what they can/can’t do.

That’s a good suggestion

I love this idea, but would like to see a whole heap of ranks, based on real life army’s…for example…

Private - lowest member

Corporal - auto promoted to Corporal after 10k donated and 5 attacks during war seasons

Sargent - The highest of NCO’s. Auto promoted to Sargent after 50k donated and 15 attacks during war seasons

Leutenant - Lowest Officer - can recruit. Cannot promote

Captain - Can recruit, can kick NCO members

Major - Can recruit, can kick NCO members, can promote sergeants to Leutenant, can do elite boosts

Colonel - Can recruit, can kick NCO members, can promote Sargents to Leutenants,  can start wars, can do elite and war boosts.

General - Can recruit, can kick members up to Colenel, can promote up to Colonel, can demote up to Colonel, can start wars, can do elite and war boosts, has access to Leader Chat ( a special chat available to generals and the leader only)

Leader - Can do everything available, as well as change (if needed) what all ranks can do. has access to Leader Chat

Nice idea but to much rank

Lovely. :wink:

I like the idea of auto promote but think there are too many levels in total.

How about this:


Defaults to current of only Leader & General


Add a rank setup screen for the Leader


  • Add new rank

Title (click to edit)

Position (Leader #1, any promote, demote or kicks only for lower #'s)

Can Recruit  (yes / no)

Can Promote (yes / no)

Can Demote (yes / no)

Can Start Wars (yes / no)

Auto Promote with Donate (no / # for gold donate)

Auto Promote with War (no / # of attacks made in war)


= Edit Rank (beside each rank)

we could abolish most ranks all together and just say what they can and cant, eg. leader, war commander, treasurer, recruiter, etc…( im soz if some of them sound dodgy btw)