New PvP modes

So a while back there was a poll and most people wanted new PvP modes I believe.


What would they even be?





I had an idea that there could be individual wars, without alliances.

It would be you and 60 other players and anyone could raid anyone else for skulls online or not like regular wars.

Whoever makes the most skulls wins. The reward would be gems of course!

The time between wars can get boring for a lot of people so these individual wars could take place then.





What do you think? Any other types of PvP modes?

i want daily event , maybe daily event on war break period only also good :slight_smile:

@Child: The way you describe it, it sounds almost like the regular tournament leagues… if you’re bored during season break, try to win a diamond league or just try to get those upgrades running that aren’t possible/clever to start during a war season :grinning:


Anyway, most people vote for additional PvE modes, not PvP modes. So, not player vs player but player vs environment or enemies, aka as “single player”. That’s includes stuff like the dungeon missions, special challenges and quests, regular events etc… also possibly a kind of “alliance vs mega-dungeon” mission would be PvE. 

Alliance vs mega dungeon sounds fun

Make alliance more solid

i think if they could make multiple kings attack in the same time against PVE environment it will be epic

You know guys, I suggested PvP game play to every FG developer and CM i knew here on the forum long long ago. 


PvP is a great thing in the game. Players just do not get bored of it most of the time. 


Hope FG devs implement PvP sometime by christmas  :slight_smile:

@theultimatr no

Player in alliance come from diffrent places so is their time difference

Surely not fair for some member if u decide to attack mega dungeon when they are sleeping or working

How bout the next player who taid that mega dungeon is the continue of previous player raid

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