New random enemy for Top 10

Hello guys, 

I’m not in the top 10 but i see that many of them are angry because they always fight against the same players, so I thought why not make some random strong enemies for top 10? such as in the dungeon? where of course the reward is always the medals, money etc…

Of course the match is “alternate” for example 2 time i fight a real person another time i fight a random enemy.

This would solve the problems who fight always with the same person!


What do you think?

Not sure… the dungeons are not random at all, but rather hand-crafted and carefully composed manually.


Creating a feature for random enemy generation would probably cost a LOT of time and work and I really doubt just the top10 (or 20) are worth the work in any way - I mean, all the other players should get some variation in their matchmaking.

Should, however, such a feature be relatively easy to implement, then it might be worth a try. But then not just for top10, but for all players, to get more feedback and a similar experience for all.

oPelle, it could be a great idea…but heroesflorian got the gist… :grinning:

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