New Realms

Hi All,

I was wondering how about if FG introduces new realm concepts?

Rather than introducing new characters and always increasing  levels of Towers and spells in the game, It would be very good idea to start having new realms from the start.

For example Ghost Realm, futuristic Realm etc.

Everything needs to start from scratch, however the gems,  the gold and other attributes remain the same. Rather than just spending the gold on immaterialistic thingd now, you can start building the new Realm.



I love this idea,not exactly realms though but some new stuffs. Being able to participate in fair pro leagues would be enough too perhaps, but it wont happen since flare cant handle it and pro league died its only a joke now.

Better remove whole pro league system and indroducing some new content , can be similar to pro league where playing the event cost gems its okay , i really wish a fun event that they test for bugs to not make it ruined.

I’ve been afraid of this possiblity. The player base is not big enough for multiple realms.

But it could add new dimensions in the game.