New Royal Revolt forum structure

?️Hi fam ,

Starting today, I will implement a new forum structure. In order to avoid downtime of the forum, I will implement the changes on live. I will also start putting threads in the correct forums etc. Please excuse if this causes some inconveniences for you.

This will be the new forum-structure.

Contact Customer Support [Link] - Link to the customer support

Frequently Asked Support Questions [Link] - Link to support questions FAQ

Official News and Information

                [read only] Code of Conduct / Forum Rules

                [read only] Official Announcements -> this will be made read-only again, but I will open a thread for each announcement in the general discussion section so that you can discuss updates in the thread there

                Discuss upcoming balancing changes with us

                Q&A Developer sessions  -> we will implement a section in which you can ask questions to the dev. About once a month we will answer a selected range in these threads.

Game help and Beginner’s section

                Game Guides (pinned information of knowledge threads)

                Beginners section

                Players helping Players -> this will be the new game help section

                Content creation (YouTube videos, …) -> this will be a section for our fellow Royal Revolt content creators. Share your video links here.

General discussion -> the general discussion section will be split into several subsections to organize it better

                Latest updates -_> I will open 1! thread for each new update. Please use this thread exclusively for discussion of new updates. Other threads will be deleted without prior warning. _

                Wars & Ninja

                Events (Blacksmith, …)


                Pro-League & Shop

                Pals & Beasts


                Castle & Defense

                Blacksmith, Granny



Ideas & feature requests

Alliances, Recruitment & Friends

                Looking for an Alliance

                Looking for Alliance Members

                Looking for Friends & Friend Codes

Forum Events

                Forum Games

                Past Events

Bugs & Technical Problems

                (pinned note – read before submitting)



I hope you will like the new structure.



Q&A sessions sounds interesting but I’m not sure if it happening once a month will suffice with the amount of concepts and complains on the forum (but that depends on the size of the “selection”). I’d connect this to the ideas section somehow, to get some feedback from the devs if the ideas we post are even remotely realistic. :slight_smile:

Other than that, we shall see. It’ll be a matter of getting used to the new layout.