New rule for top10

Make a rule for top10 players

All players most can attack all top 10 players in any time, dosent matter they are offline or online.then we will see only strong players in fake trophies and no dumps

fake trophies or trophy dumps?..dunno how flare could fix that…

STRONGLY AGREE on being able to attack at any time for players that is in top 10, Why? Simply because being top 10 players should welcome challenges at any time of the day in a WAR GAME


Why only top 10? Just take out the restriction altogether.

don’t see how this stops trophy dumps.

and if implemented predict a flood of top player tears when none of them can get to and stay in top ninja tier since they will be attacked like crazy.

I’ve seen this happen at least twice now, maybe more times I have missed, seems only this time there is a fuss, and a lot of wild theories and suggestions accompanying.

restriction helps players trying to save up for upgrades, would be super frustrating for lower players with gold trouble getting close to 15mil for upgrade to get get attacked while online and see their hard work taken away - for no good reason other than to satisfy minor issues at the top (if you even call it an issue). 


ever heard of bots?  first time i’ve seen that was during my grade school days in ragnarok the only thing you have to do is leave your computer on. in this generation simplest way is have a smart device with some basic coding you can have the game active all the time.  back to the topic top 10 should be welcoming attacks it should be you wanted to be the best welcome attacks why use silly program to be online all the time and save your trophies  play sims.



Top 10 players should be open 24/7. You want to be the best? act like the best and don’t be afraid to receive attack. Like Dawn of Steel you can be attacked at any moment. 20 attacks in 5 minutes or 1 attack in 24 hours. All depend of your resources,etc… for me if some want to be in top 10 then act like one. If you are afraid to be attacked then give your place to someone who are not afraid to be attacked. Flare should stop protecting top 10 players.

yes,that is exactly what I want!

I like system we have.

if alliance ance have spirit and time they can push their guys.

the problem is not about pushing

problem is bases are not so hard and we need another trothy system

not saying they can’t use bots etc. But what i wrote is still true, it doesn’t stop trophy dumps, and top 10 will cry for ninja, they are already crying its too hard to stay in top ninja tier.

as with anything you don’t want the cure to be worse than the problem

Current trophy algorithm (impossibility to gain trophies if the gap is =>700) is not useful for top players.

The 700 rule was added for top players, to stop lower players stripping their trophies (especially hackers).

its very useful for top players, it was introduced basically only for the benefit of top players.
it is not useful for players lower down though.

The strategy can be used in lower levels, actually think it is more harmful also but they are not my rules.