New Rune idea for Firestorm spell - Ever Burning Rune

Me again giving ideas for new runes.

Ever Burning Rune.

Rune for Firestorm spell.

From levels 1 to 5 it adds fire damage to kings attacks during the spell duration and some secunds more (grows with rune level). On last level it changes to a fire aura, maybe adding some more time.

Thanks for apreciation and lets Revolt.

I would like a general run that makes lasting spells work a little bit longer than the 3 seconds now. For bladestorm this would be a great addition.

Stop making attacks even more powerful please lol. We need a big defense buff, simple.


I already submitted an idea to healing tower rune…

Then we should get better tower runes. Only health and damage won’t make a difference.

For improving that, faster attack rate and range would be needed. But I bet we won’t get those.

If not only specific boosts make a defensevstronger, but forging also would improve stats more on defensive structures, that would definitely help.

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