New scheduling is extremely slow paced

After this ongoing conquest, there’s nothing again on Friday? Why is the new scheduling so slow paced? They should reduce conquest to 5 days so it can fit the other events’ schedule by starting on Friday and ends on Tuesday, just like normal war. This way, events can return to the normal schedule of once a week starting on Friday.

Bump. No event this weekend either. I hope they reschedule the events so there’s something every weekend for players to play.

A ninja event could easily follow a conquest I think. I was already surprised this wasn’t scheduled. When I speak for weekends, I hate that here is nothing do. We now have nothing after a conquest in a weekend, while ninja event could be perfect before plus after it. 

Ninja event we can do easily, with current cool downs, but maybe lower those longer cool downs somewhat to make it easier for us to complete them and get some rest. 

So an easy schedule to have something to do every weekend, war season A, ninja event, Conquest, ninja event, war season B, ninja event, conquest, ninja event, war season A, …

Another possible schedule, but demanding more of members, war season A, conquest, ninja event, war season B, conquest, ninja event, war season A…

There are more possibilities. how about war season A, war season b, ninja event, conquest, ninja event.

I like the free week end.

dnt want to be pressured by nonstop events

a break now and then is nice.