New Scream Ability: Bulldozer!

Since we already have a variety of spells and scrolls, why not a variety of Scream? (:

Bulldozer would be a Scream that has half the cooldown of what is, currently, a mini-Battlecry.

Bulldozer does not remove slow effect from units, but rather, shoves them all 3 spaces forward, or to the next barricade.

Great for moving units out of chokepoints, for moving slowed units into action, or for simply getting your units where you need them to go.

sure, next you’ll be asking for death scream, where one scream can kill all the troops around the king, and after that you’ll ask for earthquake scream, where one scream can kill all towers nearby and even capable to destroying the gate halfway… and after that, all players can just raid using scream… smh…

I dont like that idea of scream


I agree on a single thing: that they can create a new variation of scream more possibility of raids but you know that is not factible see a bulldozer in a game like royal revolt 2 where everything is “cartoon style”.

You’re idea is not bad, but it could be hard to implement. By the way, I laugh when I read this and somehow I imagine my king driving a real bulldozer pushing all the units  :wink: