New Scroll : Black Hole

I thinks it might be suggested earlier but a new scroll can be introduced that will appear at the location of hero and sucks all enemies in its range maybe deal additional damage to towers. beasts may or may not be affected. Can also be a spell but it seems comparable to Armageddon in power.

Nemesis, 150k crystals, come on. Does it gives you crystals or diamonds per raid. Kaiser gives gold boost nemesis is a pro pal it should give 0.01% gems of looted gold or 10 % gems of looted trophies. or at least 50% luck. Nope it does not. Then why its so expensive. What about the Pro versions of Kaiser orBucky or Bela or Fritz or are there not gonna be any of them. What will be their price? Yeah why not 300K then 600K or lets take nemesis down to 50K after next pal. What will be their ability?

Sounds a bit OP, but it’s a good idea. +1 for me. I trust that flare would be able to nerf this spell to go from one extreme to the other

Sounds really cool, but my question is:

What would happen to the sucked enemies? Disappear? That would be a bit OP indeed.

I think it’s a cool idea, but we could probably make it less OP, if we changed the mechanics a bit.

What if…

The black hole slowly sucked the enemies into it while giving slow?

And when the enemies reached the center of the spell, they would get a small stun (2-3 seconds)

I think this is a cool mechanic, but I’m probably being too naive about it becoming real  :slightly_frowning_face:

Agree with all of the above. This would be similar to the Void spell in Nonstop Knight!

Well then, I guess Flare should try to explore existing mechanics from their own games.

They don’t even know they already have good ideas  :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I never played Nonstop Knight by the way ahahah

Yeah Me too ?

That is why I suggested it as a scroll that costs gems to use.

lol what you describe is the Chaos Gate War Blessing in Olympus Rising :stuck_out_tongue:

Create random holes from the ground in time and space sucking units into the chaos itself. The units got damage over time. Can be frustrating to meet someone who have this boost in OR

If you add this same for a scroll then its too much OP. Black hole appear enough large . Just to give you idea the size of black hole who appear its the entry of Castle Gate all this space. So if someone cast it in RR2 its gonna destroy all. The black Holes will appear too much large everywhere.More dangerous than Armageddon.

Maybe in this case add it for 30 Gems. At this power someone who will cast it will have probably over 2,000 gems below that I don’t think so.

There you go assuming stuff man…

Why does it have to be the same size as OR? It could be smaller if it’s so OP…
Why give damage over time? It can be less OP if it only gives damage on the end of the effect when you got to it’s center. That way, the enemy units would still be attacking you (so not as OP as It was)


Why add this as a scroll and not as a spell? I know Flare rarely tunes things, but as I said before…

If we change the spell range, when the damage/stun takes effect, cooldown or other stuff…

Then it can become useful without becoming OP!

You do know, that some people don’t want to spend gems on this game?

This as a spell would be pretty cool. Basically it could have a range of 5 or so, and suck enemies into the center preventing them from moving. For troops across the lane it would simply pull them to side. Effect could last 10 seconds. It doesn’t have to do much/any damage, but it would make the troops affected by it vulnerable to AoE spells and units like firestorm/bladestorm/mortar. Units affected would still be able to attack though. The gravity could also pull in bombs from towers and cause damage to the units inside. It could be a neat tactic against those with lots of skull towers without being too OP. 

10 seconds would be a bit long though. It would need to probably have like 25 secs cooldown, for such a long duration.

I never thought about this!

I love specially this part of your idea, this could really bringing a nice mechanic and it wouldn’t be too OP because the king would still need to remain nearby the black hole so the bombs would fire near it, for the full effect of course.

How I love brainstorming  :stuck_out_tongue:


The reason I said 10 seconds is because if it doesn’t do damage on it’s own, the king may not be able to take enough advantage of it to be useful. But I agree about a long cooldown so it doesn’t make melee units obsolete. I’ve always loved the idea of more specialized spells that can be tricky to work with, but potentially very effective with a player knows how to use it. This idea could definitely work for that. 

It could give small stun and/or damage upon the units reaching the center, or the duration reaching to an end.

But yeah, I got your point :grinning:  

Wow, you can just feel the energy in here  

No no not Devour,

It was supposed to be black hole.

Anyways I had a question; When we use devour ability does it suck all units in ??? range or does it depends on morale points?

Got the new guardian.

it depends on morale points, 47 for level one