New Scroll: F*cks up the L shaped base, and get Flare more Gems!

I propose a new scroll:


Allows your King to fly across lanes like the Gargoyle. 

(Just the King)

Therefor the King could skip the whole L of the L shaped base (the over used design), and using Mummies charge right up to the Castle Gate and destroy it! 

This would force those people (like myself) to redesign their L-shaped bases.  (The L-Shaped base is a balancing issue that needs to be fixed!)

then people will make a new design that make you unable to use Flight scroll and this scroll will be obsolete and you’ll be proposing a new scroll again…

I don’t mind a scroll being obsolete. 

I don’t use them. 

I do want variation in the bases.

Plus I think the L shaped base would not be totally eradicated. 

For one, it would be a great way to harvest gems. 

For two beating a high level castle with just mummies would still be difficult. 


  • You can consider your smart ass remark spanked.

Id like to see that! Would be a nice variation, or to be able to defeat the L design from the other side of the road. It should be a very expensive scroll of course, but I like the idea!

I’d rather see the removal of all scrolls, that would make the game fairer and more balanced. Failing that maybe allowing a choice of two scrolls as is current, but you can only use a single scroll in any one attack, so you choose your best one should you need it. Obviously this won’t happen as scrolls generate gem spends for flare …

Maybe you can move across the lane but only for a period of time before you teleport back!? if you just moved permanently you could then go straight to castle gate meaning you could strip peoples trophies and gold easily without needing to get all the other towers down


Gizmo, even if you moved permanently across the lane you’d have to then beat the castle using only mummies (since you could spawn them with you). 

And you’d still have a lot of enemy units left in the L which would be attacking your tent!  So you couldn’t even spawn that many mummies because you’d have to keep up spawning at your tent just to defend the tent. 

This scroll would be no free ticket to destroying a castle. 

Honestly, I suspect a lot of amateurs and careless Kings would get themselves killed on the other side of the lane cut off from their troops.

Valid points, but still if you clear out a few of the troops / towers at the chokepoint itself before teleporting/flying ahead across the whole base, a sizeable army + reinforcements could easily hold off the hostile waves and even progress forward a bit. 


Meanwhile, don’t forget surprising mummies: Each dying mummy releases a dozen of (potentially boosted) knights, and those will obliterate the gate or anything else they can reach. So beating a gate with only mummies is very well possible. And in fact, for high lvl gameplay, that is what you will do most of the time anyways, maybe with the odd raging wolf in between if you managed to get some through the base alive, or just without any other support. 


Now, sure not everyone has boosted mummies, but still more than there are with doom gate. And without doom gate, even spells are enough to bring down the gate, if you have a little meat shield (which unboosted mummies are; not to mention their stunning spell). 


So, ofc no single spell guarantees a win, but this scroll would be a very very close to sure way for killing the gate for anyone with at least mediocre raiding skills (given one doesn’t decide to just attack someone with 3k trophies more than oneself^^). 


So this scroll would have a huge potential for trophy stripping and stuff… 


Nonetheless, of course, killing the gate with most defenses untouched, might not give you 100%, but only 80-90%. Anyone remembering the gate-killer designs that were made impossible with version 1.8 knows that even a 90% success can be something quite unsatisfying if you’re trying to beat it all, but still that suggested scroll would remain very powerful. 

  1. Bear in mind that even after you jump, waves still exist. So you’ll end up having to spawn in-shielded units to defend your tent. More likely, you’d just run back across, taking out towers to support your units.

  2. ±shaped bases would become super popular. Maximum overlap, but one fly scroll would still only cover half the base.

Maximum overlap in a very compact way such as the + shape means just use long-ranged damage spells and all hostile troops are dead. :grinning:


Besides, maybe I’m thinking of a different layout than you, but isn’t a + just a straight line with a plus-shaped path in the middle, either extending to the left or right? There, a single fly should suffice. 

Or do you mean a kind of “two small L-shapes” kind of base? Anyway, just saying, that design is far from “maximum overlap” :wink:

no use, this game if want variety base need people to stop copy only


i also use L base now , own base dont win :slightly_frowning_face:

I would love a Dragon, so much!..

I’ve posted about it like 10 times now!..


I bet I’ll love dragons too, they’re pretty cool and also they will be a great addition to the game… We’re not differing again, is something wrong? 

No flight scroll

If one can use “flight” scroll. He or she will probably only use “flight scroll” no need to pass those tower with barricade…no dying…no revive

And dragon looks scary

If im not wrong they gonna fly over barricade ,attack all in line

So those L shape base need to change their layout if dont want those dragon 1 attack do damage to all his tower and barricade


He brings up an interested point as to cost…

I think it should be worth about 1.5 revives. 

It should be an expensive scroll.

@Maerique i sincerely hope that fg will fulfill your wish… You’ll realize soon enough that while you’re busy summoning mummy, the waves that already on it’s way will destroy your tent in no time, and when you’re calling troops from the tent to save it, the mummy, knights and your king will be dying from the incoming waves and towers on another path… I wonder if you’ll cry to fg demanding a new kind of scroll again later…

Exactly my point xP It’s only purpose would be to avoid Barricades.


KillerBee, I’m going to be honest with you.  I find you annoying.  Read my previous post, I explained to a different idiot (not you) that crossing a lane would get a lot of amateur Kings killed.  I already warned users about the thing you thought you’d teach me about.  If you’re going to try to be a smart ass, at least be smart.  Now all you are is an ass.