New Seasonal Pass Costs

Visiting with my Alliance members it was discovered that if you play on a PC your Season Pass costs $5.49 but if you play on Android it is only $4.99.

Why is this cost higher for PC players?


Would appreciate an answer for this as well.

Isn’t it because it’s windows store ?

Can’t recall ever seeing a price difference like this before. Waiting for a receipt to show his cost compared to mine (PC vs Android) to scan on here for all to see.

There was differences in prices for ingame purchases between platforms for a long time, maybe even from beginning.

My brother and I have played together for several years and do not recall this ever happening before. Case in point is both of us purchase the monthly gem special every month for $2.99 US each.

Below is receipt for PC purchase.

Below is receipt for Android purchase.

@MishaK, what is going on here please?

It is because bacause different ms store, play store etc… payment rules, taxes and so on… as i remember. FG has nothing to say in this matter

It’s also $4.99 on iOS.

Nenelar - Thank you for the response as I was wondering about iOS. Brother and I have played together for years and this is the first time we ever recall seeing a price difference for something.

Sure. For reference:

  • Apple store charges a small ($99) annual fee and a 30% commission.
  • Google Play charges a $25 fee and a 30% commission.
  • Windows Store charges $99 fee to business and a 30% commission on the first $25,000 per year. After that, commission drops to 20%.

So, if anything, the Windows Store should be cheaper!

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Sorry folks but this cost difference is ridiculous to me between PC players and Android/iOS players. Nothing else in the game has a cost difference I am aware of so why penalize PC players in this way?

Just happen to think of it but PC players were never able to get the Subscriptions Flare offered either.

Android/iOS Players
RoyalRevolt 2_Screenshot_2020.05.07_08.20.23-Android

PC Players
Royal Revolt 2 5_7_2020 8_19_56 AM-PC

You should blame the platform and not flare

Buy it on android - you’ll save your 50 cents, profit :clap: