New Seasons - Pay to play disaster

The new seasons have replaced The most interesting aspect of this game. A pure skill to win event that actually gets you good items. Now it is replaced by a pure pay to play and grind event where you have to pay real money to unlock all the good rewards.

Seems like the intention is that in order to get good items you now need to pay money, instead of win them by skill.

This change basically ruins the game and brings it down with all the other pay to play games. Shame on the greedy developers!


Arondel, You 're right. I 'm deeply disappointed. I 'm thinking about deinstall the game.


No need think more. Deinstall it.
Life is awesome and there are a lot of games. No need to play game you dont like


What will happens to second skin? Clearly its a scam
One at 3, one at 21

Those aren’t the same… look at the bottom right corner of the skin…

This might be dumb but… how do we get the reward above?

You need to get the season pass.

Jesus, at least hide the season pass reward so poor peoples like me don’t have to look at them and cry in pain!


Why would you cry? The rewards aren’t that good…

I feel it also disappointing that if you don’t pay, you won’t get a reward for each level you reach.
And there should be some alliance rewards as well…

I left a Pay to play to join RR. Not because I don’t pay, but because when I joined everyone could be great; I didn’t matter what level you are, you can still build and grow. Paying money can speed some things up. But there is always Pro league where your skill alone makes the difference.
Apparently some folks need to compensate for their limitations (various), so now money wins in RR. It is not a good change.

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I find it quite disappointing too. The rewards are not really interesting unless you pay and the missions not motivating. Let alone that I’m now at level 8 and the top player is at level 3400!!! Pretty depressing!

It’s a nice new feature though but it could have been designed in a much better way! Problably my first and last season. I’ll ignore the next ones like I ignored the Pro League.