New set of war boosts

We have two sets of war boosts -

1. Dragofroster, Gargoyle Nests & Surprise Mummy.

  1. Dracomancer, Frenzy Frost Blaster & Doom Gate.

I have come up with an idea of the 3rd set of war boosts to revive some units & towers which are hardly used not only by top alliances but also mid-high levels. These troops & towers don’t have any elite boosts currently.

  1. Blockade boost - When a blockade is destroyed, a poison cloud is released in a range of 2.45. Also this blockade has additional 25% resistance to all types of damage. (Not extra HP) (Blockades are replaced by barricades at high levels)

  2. Frost Tower boost - Frost towers deal additional blunt damage on troops because it releases ice blocks with dry ice. It also has more HP. (Frost Towers are soon abandoned)

  3. Mortar boost - Mortars deal more damage, have more health and release more poison bombs per attack. These bombs are smaller in size & deal proportionate damage.(Means it can attack more troops at a time) (It is not used because storm cannons are way better)

What do you’ll say about my suggestion?

Dude, I love this idea!

Thanks Karman. I would request Flare to look at this & implement it in the future.

Your ideas are wayyyyyy so good :)). I think Flare should look into this.

Thanks Foch123 for your comments :slight_smile:

i like the frost tower boost the best but great idea

Gud one kk hope FG admin look up on this nd try to implement…moreover we have been getting bore using the same boosts again and again :grinning:

I would love to have other additional sets of war boosts, since the current ones just get boring. One season we fight in the hope to win frenzies, while the other season it not really does matter. For every other alliance this can differ, some want gargoyle towers, other ones are looking for mummies and other teams for the dragons.

What kind of war boosts? Surprise us, we have seen some interesting season boosts so far, war boosts for troops must only also have an effect on defense, so insta and portal troops won’t be good candidates.

Even extra range/damage or lower cooldown time on certain spells for a season would be nice.

I would also suggest that war boosts can only be prolonged to the end of next season, similar like the season boosts. This way every team that does become 4th or lower during a season at least has to become at least third to get new war boosts.

No problem bro, I am tired from the current boosts. With the new boosts, the game will be even more interesting because you will learn 2 new things: the way to use them wisely and to defeat them in defense ;))

Boosted spells? That’s interesting but only thing it will really overpower offense. I actually wanted to revive some unused towers & units in the form of war boosts. We need more variety. You are right, it isn’t worth to have boosts like insta & portal as rewards for war season. For example now, these aren’t used in top alliance bases (Unless there is some special boost like cursed cenotaph & putrid prowler/corrosion caster). They don’t have any existing boosts as well.

Nice one

Add skull tower boost also

More hp less damage by blizzard and 7.0 range


Yes I know we already have overpowered offense, but I guess that will be just a matter of time that offense is overpowered. Wait for a couple of months and some players will have forged towers and fences that often, that it will be extremely difficult to beat those bases. Imagine skull towers with range 6.5+, doing much more damage, Lightning towers with extended range so they are able to hit troops from out of their range and cetera. Like I said it’s just a matter of time, offense will be losing the advantage by itself.

Maybe this isn’t the case for free players plus players who don’t spend lot of cash and aren’t forging towers at the moment, but at the top I predict that defense eventually will be the winner, if flare isn’t going to ‘balance’ the outcome. Even when some players forge troops plus spells a lot right now, they will not be able to compensate the increase of strength of all those forged towers and fences.

Now we should be careful with war spell boosts definitely, but over a couple of months they will be more than welcome. At the moment a nice war boost reward could also be temporary stronger towers/troops with additional damage, range (only for troops with a limit to max range) health and resistance.

Range I would be extremely careful with in case of towers. We need to prevent that bases become unbeatable without scrolling. We don’t want extreme long ranged skull towers (range 7+) killing troop plus hero before they even have a chance and don’t know what hit them. So for towers I would limit max range to their possible forgable range.

Just give an increase in percentage for current values, I think most would be very happy with that and will definitely fight to win such war boosts. No need for a special troop or building, just give the winners improved stats for some troops or buildings, depending on fiefdoms.

And to make it interesting, teams can only prolong it until end of next season.

I think we must stay realistic and make sure bases are not becoming suicidal due to a war boost. A war boost should give a slight advantage, no more no less. It must not be the case that a level 70 hero has a base unbeatable for all players due to a war boost. Just build a base with a lot of opposite lanes filled with all skull towers and nobody is able to survive due to mass skull bombs fired from range 7. This is logical, since max range of a troop plus spells is not even close to range 7, so every troop will trigger the skull tower to fire, resulting in no surviving troops. Although some players are very skilled in kicking skull bombs back, there is no way anybody can protect all troops from 4+ simultaneously firing skull towers without a chance to destroy those towers.

Also some players now already place unboosted bomb towers (range 6.75) out of reach from spells. Imagine what would happen when skull towers are placed on that spot instead with even more range, out of range of spells and troops. Aim them at the start of the base and no troops are able to survive. Without troops you won’t get far in bases with strong waves plus towers with extreme range

War boosts should be realistic, not impossible. 5% improvement in case of range will be more than fine. For other stats like health, damage and resistance percentage can be higher.

Have a stun spell and stunning orge easy

Stun has range 5.5 and a cooldown of 20 seconds. Let’s take an L-shaped base as example. Say you are able to max stun so it stuns everything for 10 seconds. Even when forging cooldown of stun heavily (0.3 seconds per cooldown forge) I would be surprised if you get the cooldown under 16 seconds. Also range of stun I would be surprised if you will get it over 6.55. You will, but to get both cooldown and range improved that much you need a lot of forges (250 pearls when fortunate, 500 pearls while unfortunate). Cooldown time of forges alone will take more than half a year.

Besides that, only players who literally swim in pearls will invest the huge amount of pearls required to forge stun to such a high value. better are investments in other spells, towers and troops, so I expect not many players to invest in forging stun spell that much. to make it even worse, I never used stun and I play already for a long time (still did not even get the bronze reward for using it).

Let’s put it in theory and say you manage to lower cooldown to 16 seconds and get range around 6.5 and being able to hit all skull towers. At locations where bomb towers could be placed instead are skull towers located. First you use stun to pass that first path without being hit. Stun lasts there for 10 seconds, so the following 10 seconds you are safe from the stunned towers. After 10 seconds those towers will target new troops coming from the tent and will whipe them out, unless you stay there to stun them again. Even a cannon isn’t able to hit those far ranged skull towers, so you can’t destroy them with ranged troops (arbs can be range 6.5 but they are killed by first salvo). Your other spells won’t reach them either so you simply can’t destroy them. Since the clock keeps ticking, you need to go forward.

So you can forget about fresh reinforcements, they will be definitely whiped out. Only way to make some progress is to keep troops near the tent for a while and build a descent army, including boosted monks to heal once you make a mistake.

And once you move forward the problem begins while stun is in cooldown (yep, 6 seconds is enough to kill hero plus complete army). To destroy those towers you have to get in range while the skull towers are stunned, otherwhise a troop or hero will activate them and once a bunch of them is triggered, you are in deep trouble. As long as you aren’t near them, you won’t be able to take them out without getting skull bombs fired at your troops (and indeed, like KKstar said, ogres can’t stun them when they are not near the skull tower). In the meanwhile your troops are blocked by barricades, so when they have to take that out, they are standing still for a short moment at same place and become an easy target for more skull towers than usually. And… stun doesn’t work at boosted ogres, which can be in defense. So to eliminate those, you already need to have a spell like swordrain to eliminate that treat.

So two spells you need that will do no harm to skull towers. That’s becoming hard to beat that base for sure. I think it will be impossible for that combo to even survive, even when monks are with them to heal troops. The monks aren’t able to survive all those explosions and once they are gone your army will be doomed. So I still think it will be impossible to win, when a defense is well designed and has many maxed skull towers at locations not directly reachable by spells and troops.

I would even dare to say more, even normal ranged maxed skull tower bases are very hard to beat with stun in arsenal. Only video so far I have seen is from Flotthaboss to use stun. But that base is definitely not packed full with skull towers, otherwise I would be surprised.

I like your idea. Maybe when defence is overpowered, insta-spells can be introduced. :lol: Ask for spells from alliance friends & use in battle. Once used, its not in the queue. Next spell after cooldown. Go with 4 spells to crush the defences.

Skull towers are the deadliest towers. Top alliances use them even though they don’t have any boosts. It already has massive HP. Blizzard is its only weakness. If its resistant to blizzard and has 7.0 range, you won’t survive. Then there will be maxed, forged 20 skull towers used by top players. Complete unbalance. Thanks for the comment.

According to me stun is probably the worst spell. Does no damage neither shields troops. Stunning Ogres can’t stun towers on the opposite lane.

I absolutely love this idea. Increase the war season boost costs but decrease their max length to only 1 season. But top alliances would hate this idea and hence this would not be implemented.  -_-

nice this topic is great

I want to introduce war boosts for units & spells which are not being used currently. I will not like a boost on the following units & towers which are still unboosted -

Gargoyle - It’s powerful in defence. No need to introduce a boost on it.

Firebolt Tower - It’s one of the most important tower. Currently not used by top alliances in large numbers but introducing a boost will result in it being overpowered in mid-level bases. It is still useful & used by top alliances near gates as the king can’t attack it. A large horde of knights & ogres bring down a gate before the king could cast a spell. 99% v 100% is crucial in top-level alliance wars.

Snake Tower - It’s powerful, the hero itself is vulnerable against this tower. It has high health. It is cheap to build. This isn’t used by top alliances but it is very important in the middle stages. It is powerful & there is no need of a boost based on it.

Skull Tower - This tower as I had earlier said is the deadliest. You don’t time your spell & your army disappears & your health is significantly down. If a boost is introduced, they will be too powerful. The key to bring down this tower is to use blizzard before it is activated. If your blizzard is in cooldown & skull tower is near, slow it down with ice sword.

So what’s left - Mortar, Frost Tower & Blockade. RR2 developers must look at this.

Yes, this idea won’t be implemented. Maybe could add this idea -

Suppose an alliance came 2nd in a war season & won 3rd place doom gate & 2nd place frenzy frost blasters. They can extend this boost till the end of next war season at the same price. Now, to keep extending that at the same cost, they will have to at least end 2nd in the next war season. If they end 3rd, the frenzy frost blaster from immediate effect are 10% more expensive to prolong. If they 4th or lower, frost blaster is 15% more expensive & doom gate is 10% more expensive. This will further increase the intensity of the battles at top. Don’t think top alliances will like this too.

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