New Single-Player Mode: The Labyrinth

In the distant future, after the team has wrapped up some of the projects they’re currently working on (new levels, new hero, etc…), I think it would be interesting to look at introducing another PvE mode, maybe to occupy players during the off weeks in war.

I think the odyssey is really great, and one of my favorite features in the game, but I was brainstorming something that used existing game assets in a completely different way. The idea would be to make an endurance mode, where you select one hero (or maybe, like the odyssey, the hero is selected for you and you get bonus points for using them) and take them solo through a procedurally generated maze. There would be be monsters and towers to fight along the way, and maybe a supercharged minotaur (with stats like a GK) who would pop up from time to time. And of course there would be loot to collect as you go, with better loot the deeper you go.

In my mind, since it’s partly an endurance event, you would have a very limited number of resurrections. Maybe none for a true hardcore mode. You can pause and restart the labyrinth from where you left off, but when the timer runs out, you find the exit, or you run out of revives, the labyrinth is over. So there could potentially be a couple of ways to play it - you could try and speed run the maze, with some kind of bonus for finishing quickly, or you could stay and fight tougher and tougher challenges and get more loot. If the rewards are structured well, both ways could be equally profitable.

I think this would be interesting because 1) it would be very different from every other mode in the game, while using (I think) a lot of the same assets, 2) it would force players who wanted to compete at high levels to re-think how they equip their heroes and which heroes are best suited to a solo dungeon crawl style mission - a fun problem solving challenge, and 3) it would be something a player could do on their own schedule but it could still be competitive, with global leaderboards for fastest escapes and most “points” scored.  The fastest escape leaderboard, I would think, could put players of all levels on an equal footing. Most points might be more geared towards high level tankier heroes.

Love this idea! New game modes are always welcome for me! More events = more action, and that’s what I love to see in a game! Great idea

PVE are always welcome.More we have and more fun OR will be