New Skin - Skull Gate

A skin for our Castle Gates that looks like a skull.
Sorta like Castle Greyskull, you know…

show a picture of it :slight_smile: :wink:


You show nice graphics there, but I seriously think highest priority needs to be solving bugs and annoying stuff. after that, they can give attention to new stuff.

Last weekend I lost counting how often I got connection loss, despite the fact I have 200mbit connection which is absolutely stable, only app that’s losing connection constant, is RR2.

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This is Ideas & Feature Requests
That opinion is another thread.

I don’t remember becoming CM instead of Madren. . . Since no one was there, I brought a whistle. :pensive:

It is likely to be used for Halloween and Lava zone

It is wonderful to match the shape of the castle, the gate, and the walls with the background.

Flare’s recent offer is expensive and can’t be bought, so we want the flare to offer something you can buy.

Skins are good candidates

300 yen X 30 days
That’s about it, given the maximum amount of money a month I can spend to love leisure games with three kids.

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For Dena
I think it’s about making a request for the future, “a priority that users are looking for in the ongoing work of Flare.”