New Slots Era ad won't Close/get update

The new Vungle ad for Slots Era won’t close. Can’t get upgrades. Have to exit out of game to continue.  Windows, USA. I know “U have nothing to do with Vungle”, but tell them to disconnect the ad, show others that work.


Same here.

same here


not just slots machine ads. I got the same for Candy crush and all others. Only 1 or 2 work great but the majority freeze the game and didn’t get your reward.

PS : I will do a video to allow developer to understand the problem

Edit : Just because I want to do video. All my video ads work perfectly fine today :angry: (Can’t show with a video)

I have watch for my free chest. Boosted my 4 farm and 4 tavern. No problem anymore. Will see later

(If you are on PC don’t forget to upgrade your GPU driver. I have update it yesterday evening and probably the reason all work perfectly today. AMD Adrenaline 2019 version 19.3.3)

The ads are still freezing for me.  No free chests for two days and no farm boosts.  Add this to the freezing during the Ninja event and it makes me not want to play.

ads still messed up even tried reloading the game-gotta get fixed


Here in Austria all Ads work(ed) fine without Issues.