New Special Elite Boosts

The special elite boosts have been good, but we’re running out of them. After the ones mentioned in the video that we haven’t yet covered: Elite Snake Tower (spawns Mortars) and Elite Frost Tower (Spawns Frosters), we would have no more elite boosts left. We currently have no more troop boosts left; any suggestions??


Here are some of mine:


  • Duo Mortar: Shoots two bombs instead of one.
  • Crazy Bomb Tower: Does more damage and shoots faster.
  • Spiritual Werewolf: When it dies, a small battlecry is created.
  • Mad Ogre: Has more AOE range and strikes faster.




Nice. But I think this topic is more like a suggestion.

Yeah, true, I guess I wasn’t thinking properly at that time. Mad Mummy would probably be better - more poison damage, strikes faster and moves faster. :slight_smile: