New spell - Dash

Here is an idea for a new possible spell : 

Name - Flash ( or Dash )

Unlocks - At Wizard Tower level 12

Power - Upon cast the king instanly blinks where ever he is facing and deals instant damage to both locations ( The location casted and the loctation in which the king arrives ) the range of the blink could be 3.00, also it can not cross paths like chokepoints, the radius of the damage in both location is same as hammerstrike range 

Damage type - Normal or Piercing ( which ever fits better )

Forging - Max pearl cost = 500, Max forging cooldown =7 days, Perks = Damage, range ( range of the damage area ) and cooldown or you could replase the range with a shield to the location the king arrives a time warp or what ever seems cool - Damage per forge = around 100 - cooldown per forge -1% and then 2% range

Levels - 1 - 8 forging unlocks at either 4 or 5

Stats - Base damage 1k - 10k or 1k - 8 k based on spell level ( and ofcourse forging ) , as i said before blink range = 3.00, Damage range = hammer strike and its forgeable, cooldown, - 15 seconds and it goes down to 12 at max level ( and its forgeable )

Tell me if i should make any improvements to this or if you agree with me 

I like it, it’s like the Dash spell in Nonstop Knight, you Dash wherever you’re facing and deal damage to the troops. I think if you have the damage be as high as you have, it would be WAY to OP. I think the best way to make this spell work, is to give it a 7 second cooldown, and only 1k damage at level 1, making sure the damage only moves up 500-700 damage per level. Perhaps forging could be unlocked at level 4 and the spell only moves up to level 6

idk why you say it will be op since your version is better half the cooldown but ok i guess it could be more utility based because like other spells when they are maxed they have a lot more dmg than 8 k and with a seven second cd it will do more dps idk i really want it to have more max levels so id say dont make it cost that much match up the scaling to your version of the spell and boom its fixed + i my self said 1k dmg at level one  but i do agree with you that it will move up from 500-700 because 1k is ridiculious but aigan we need it max level 8 because we are running out of spells :wink:  ( thats just my opinion maybe to compansate we could take your level six nerf a little like -10% and when it reaches level 8 its + 10% of yours because 500-700 dmg with 8 levels seems really weak plus most troops have higher than 8k hp when the spell will be maxed simple just aujaust the timers and make the dmg 6k like yours ( since you are halfing the cooldown i dont think the arguement of it would instakill troops matters because it cant damage range units at choke points and most meleee units have way more than 6k or 8k hp for that matter 

also thanks for the arguement it made me rethink it but i dont know would a 4k dmg spell at max level would be good enoguth since 500-700 growth and max level 6 i think it would be pretty useless maybe (roughtly ) 5k would do the job with 2 more max levels because think about it unlocks at level twelve the second to last wiz tower level and there isnt a spell there for refrence my hammerstrike currently does 3300 dmg with the same range and a seven second cooldown and im far from maxing it i have like 10 levels to go so yea i think 5k would be enought  and hammer strike at max does 14k dmg :slight_smile:  so i really dont think 8k with 12 second cooldown would be op but i like your idea better then mine in cooldown 5k with 7 seconds 

in a RPG or MMORPG a dash skills work because you face 10,15 or 20 mobs at same time and those games have a hard mode and hell mode,etc… in RR2 a wave contain just few troops so if you do a dash spells who can kill them one shot. its gonna too much OP. If we don’t see spell like this then its the main reason why. Dash,Jump,Teleport,Multi Attack,spell like thunderstorm or Magma,etc… who can do damage over time. If Flare add one day over 30 towers, 4 minute raids and over 20 units in a waves. Those spells can fit the game but not with so low stuffs

we have a similar power in Olympus Rising with Ajax call Charge

and if you level this at max and enhance it at over 10%. Ajax become OP. this power can destroy all in one shot only. Like the Shield Bash. Its the main reason we will never see a spell like this in RR2