New Spell: Flood Spell

I’m gonna expand on this idea that originated from @RahulTheViper. Rahul suggested that the flood comes from the tent and destroys enemies that are in the path. I think that having this spell would really help for when you run ahead. When a player runs ahead because they are short on time, it is most likely that enemy troops will slip through and come to the tent. While the player could spawn troops, quite often this is not enough. This would also open the opportunity for a new kind of damage: Water Damage. A new update would add this in also changing the type of damage that the Frost Tower spills out. Then we could get a new type of Snow Damage Tower added in as well! I think there’s potential for an awesome update here

Your spell idea seems nice but It gives rise to several questions.

If the “flood” starts from the Tent, for how long does it extent?

All lanes? (I doubt it, seems too OP) Just near the tent? (Seems too small?)

What would be the main difference against snow vs water type of damage? Slow vs non-slow crowd control? (that seems like a downgrade?)

I’ll leave that for flare to figure out, haha. On second thought, that’s probably a bad idea  

Don’t like from tent, 

Then start from hero ,

And extension (range) depand upon level.

Don’t like water? Make it ice water


Are you really going to suggest new spells shortly before 4.0 arrives? ?? ?

Water, eh?

Which units can swim, which can not? Poor Knights and Palas will insta-drown in their armor?  Will Ogres be less feared if they are finally use water while Wolves will start to smell like old carpet? Will all units be blizzed if standing in water? If you are using Flood level 1, will you only wet yourself?

I sense many open questions here. ?

Why not add the old suggestion of sandstorm? Together they can form a hilarious mud pit! ?


I think we should ALL wait for the 4.0 before suggesting totally new spells/troops etc Because the mechanics change quickly in games like this one.

LOL I think about a huge tide wave come from the tent lol. Before can you have time to prepare the king? Buy many safety jacket for the king and your pal. Maybe a boat? for not suffer of hypotermia you will need Pyromancer fire. So bring with you 1 or 2 Pyromancer. Better bring Eldrak.Also if you bring Flood you will need a new unit for first Aid in case of incident. A Medic? Like Monk but give first aid

Maybe a little too much OP? I think about a huge tide like sufer use. So if that destroy all on the path. So a level 70 will be able to beat a level 130? Just cast Flood and you win. No more tower,trap or else. 100% victory guaranteed. Maybe good for a scroll? You spend 50 gems and victory assured. Sorry i must not give this idea to Flare ?