New Spell - Lightning Touch

Short range spell that causes electrical damage.
Range - 1.0
Damage - Starts at 1,000 maxes at 10,000
Cooldown - 15.0
Duration - Instant
Electocutes for one second


  1. Improves Cooldown
  2. Improves Damage
  3. Lengthens time of Electrocution by 0.08 for ten forgings, then dwindles.

Unique rune - “Electric Fire”

  • Improves range by 1-5% per level of rune (example with a fourth level rune the spell would have a range from 1.16 to 1.20)
  • Sixth level special “Ignition” Chance of setting victim on fire, causing prolonged fire damage and fear effect.

Cool but I think range 1 is to short :thinking: it’s a spell not a weapon


Turns the caster into a sender of electric current for an instant. Requires touching them to shock them, or atleast standing very near. He has to attack them and touch them somehow or it would harm his allies standing near him.

Electricity jumps from the kings hands running up and down the blade of his sword and surrounding his body. Swinging his weapon at his enemies an arc is released and grabs hold of them.

genius dude pls flare!!!