New spell: Mirror

I suggest a new spell: Mirror. It’s particularly effective if the king is alone. When enemy units and/or beast attack the king (only the king, not his summoned units), he doesn’t suffer damage, while enemy units suffer their own attacks. The spell works also on towers and obstacles (in this case only spike). If a wave made by cannons and mortars attack the king, cannons suffer only their respective cannon attacks, while mortars suffer only their respective mortar attacks. If an arblaster placed in defense attacks a knight, that is reaching the gate and is protecting the king, while mirror spell is actived, the arblaster doesn’t suffer damage. If 2 skull towers (they have blunt damage, 50% weakness to blunt damage and 4,9 of attack rate) of level 10 (29k health and 1446 damage) attack the king, each of the 2 skull towers will be destroyed in 11 shots and with a time between 2,05s and 2,25s (if the spell is at level 1, it’s not enough to destroy) if mirror spell is actived. Enemy units and buildings with high damage, high attack rate, low health, without resistance and/or weakness to their respective attacks are more vulnerable. 

Cooldown: 14s.

Range: 5.

Duration: 2s at level 1, later +0,5s for each level until level 5 (it’s the maximum level).

Cooldown, range and duration can be forged.

Discussions about the duration of the spell are suggested.

Thank you for the idea we will discuss it for a future version :slight_smile:

I am not a big fan of Mirror spell. When you play Heroes Might and Magic games or King Bounty game this spell don’t work great. Same the computer IA don’t use it. The damage reflection don’t work great. When you reflect damage you lost more then if you have use a another spell.

I don’t have try it in Olympus Rising Damage Reflection but seem to be weak and not worth it.

If you want Mirror spell don’t brake the game maybe should have damage reflection about 20% and you need to forge it over 40 times to have it at 30%. At 30% the damage reflection should hurt ennemy troops each 50 seconds and maybe each 2 or 3 towers should suffer their own damage.