New Spell: Sandstorm

Why not add a new type of damage to the game!! Sand damage! The spell’s appearance would be like a wave. Just look up Sandstorm and you know what I mean. Tell me what you guys think of this

It could do normal damage but it could have the pushback/kickback effect (blow things away, including bombs maybe). Or multiple damage types - sand itself is nasty (blunt?) but friction builds up static so have a bit of electricity too?

Yes that’d be a tad OP probably. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, no kidding  

adding a new spell has its own problems.for instance,give sandstorm normal dmg makes bladestorm useless,give blunt dmg than sonic blast nd hammerstrike becomes effective.all the effects lyk push back,ice,fire,blunt,stun has been balanced with spells related to i can suggest “petrify”.there is no spell to cast petrify a new spell can b “stone gaze” duration 5 sec,any unit looking towards u gets petrified nd towers get stunned.wolf howl won’t have any effect.

That’s why i suggested a new type of damage @karthik1930

No way that’d get coded correctly.

Cool idea though, they could make use of line-of-sight mechanics for gate tower handling and other things.

It’d be like Medusa’s Gaze from OR! But here’s the difference: In OR you can hack petrified units, whereas you cannot in RR2. All that spell would do here, is ruin your attack or just glitch it

I thought you were going to say Sand Storm and have it’s power be petrify!  That would be cool!

Easy to do with raycasting on enemy units.

Basically, you stick an invisible shape (like a cone or pyramid) on an object (base facing outward) and whatever the shape collides with is in the object’s line of sight

I know it’s easily doable (it’s been done for decades, even in this game), I’m just questioning flare’s ability to do this particular thing without breaking a thousand other things in the process. :wink: