New Spell: The River Styx

I’m sure you all know what the River Styx is and I think it’d fit perfectly as a spell in this game! You unleash the spell and it swallows up enemies sucking them into the Underworld. It would act sorta like a portal. It deals no damage, but instead holds a morale number. For instance, at level 1 it would hold 6 morale and then it moves up 1 to 2 morale every upgrade. I think it’d be a fun new add in the game!

We already have that spell on Achilles my friend.

His unique spell but it does not work the way you described it.

It provides a shield to all units around Achilles.

What holy means is Achilles have a spell name Styx = Shield in RR2 .Who add extra HP for units.

the spell seem fun but just the name must be changed

Ah, my bad, sorry about lol