New spell : time manipulation

The spell refreshes the cool down for any pending spell and gains 10000 extra leadership points for 3 seconds.


Forges on the spell:

  1. Cooldown for the spell is 30 seconds as a start and may be forged to 25 seconds.

  2. Extra leadership points may be forged up to 14000 points

  3. Duration of extra leadership points may be forged up to 6 seconds.

I do believe that once you get past 25k or 30k leadership it does nothing more, so I’m not sure the leadership part is a good idea, although I love the rest

Time warp scroll is enough, and then a boosted snake tower with timewarp is more interesting than time manipulation.

Useless suggestion for many reason :

1.We have already Time Warp

2.We have already Mummy Warp

3.if someone have already 20k its totally useless the extra 10000. The limit is 24K to summon a Werewolf,Mummy,etc… each 1 second

4.Each spells have a cooldown redution in forge and 100% scream reduce Hero Scream

So I don’t see the point of this same if that was a Scrolls