New subsection in bugs-forum: cheat detection

Hi guys,

I just wanted to inform you about one section that I have added in the bug section.

In this sub-section of the bug forum, you can post screenshots if you think somebody is cheating in game. We will have a look at it and only if we see game behaviour that is against our Terms of Service, we will take the necessary steps. We will also not be able to come back to you to answer you if it was cheating behaviour and what we have done about it because it falls under players privacy. This cheat detection forum is set up in a way, that you can only see your own thread and no one else’s. Developers and I, of course, can see all threads.

From now on, every other thread or comment that is not in this sub-section and accuses a player of cheating (it doesn’t matter if that person is indeed cheating or not) will be deleted, because of privacy concerns.

Thank you,