[NEW] Syndicated - Recruiting

Syndicated was just recently started to hopes to climb to the top of the RR2 ladder. If you are interested please feel free to reply or join via in-game.

Could u tell me more detail abt ur alliance,pls? :slight_smile:

Rank: 54,168

Gold Bonus: 5%

I just started it a few hours ago so it’s still VERY new.

Starting an alliance is tough business my friend. I suggest joining an alliance.


Whatever you do good luck to you bro.

I’d rather start one myself. Everyone always says it’s hard work … what’s the point if there isn’t a challenge?

Currently Alliance level 5 now!! Come join a fast growing clan!!

Dude 2 suggestions:-)

1-if you are new to this game then it is better to join a already established alliance,rather than forming a new one.i don’t know what your alliance level is but I had seen many players having only one member in their alliance I.e the leader.child is right join an already established alliance upgrade your alliance tower to donate at least 50k and you will also get an idea how to run an alliance.and after getting sufficient experience and trophies around 2500,you can open your own alliance.i did the same and after getting sufficient experience in game I opened my alliance three weeks ago and its rank is now 350.look the important thing Is it is the leader who test defence his players bases and tell them what to do to make it better but if you are not enough experienced how you gonna help your players.

2-if you are not following 1,then I suggest you to make a certain criteria about your alliance for example say only those players having trophies greater than 500 and minimum donating 2000 can join your alliance.then send request to as many players as you can especially to those who does not have any alliance I.e they does not have any symbol in front of their name,the dark blue.and yes ready to face rejections,lots and lots of rejections but few start joining you and you will start growing steadily.

But as I said it is better I you join a already established alliance.

Best of luck for your alliance:)

Note-if you have minimum trophies(1000) and minimum donating 20k,then you can join my alliance.

Alliance-FUNNY PEOPLE:-)



best of luck with your new alliance!

@ROCK I appreciate the suggestion but I’ve already gotten the alliance itself to level five by myself so I think I can get it up and running pretty easily. I know there’s a lot of work involved but I’m okay with that. Thank you for the suggestions though.

@Kenster Thank you!

I say let him start his own Alliance because I don’t know how it is for everyone but I started United We Stand when Alliances first came out to promote some patriotism, freedom, fun, honor, and teamwork and now We’re 252 on the Leaderboard with 27/27 members and over 3/4 of the Alliance is loyal and has been with Us since the start, a few have dropped off along the way with inactivity but I still keep track of them because Everyone is always welcome back and to United We Stand.  I had no prior experience starting an Alliance; the most you could count is being in NJROTC but that has no real correlation.  It’s just natural, something simple and fun grew into a powerful and honorable power amongst the Alliances and We’re still carving a solid path to the top 100s.  So my point is keep going King Make, it’s easy and fun because you get to watch something you created and nurture it and watch it grow into something mighty and something to be proud of.  Fight on man.

Yes sir that is the exact reason I started my own clan. I also started one by the same name on clash of clans just to watch it grow into what I want it to.

I love helping new alliances, not much I can do but I can give advice and answer questions… You seem dedicated so please PM me for anything at all bro!

Thank you! I appreciate that.

11/12 members

8% gold bonus

Alliance level 7

Rank 5,138

11/12 Members

8% Gold Bonus

Alliance level 7

4,613 Rank