New system working for you?

So since the update my foes have all been higher lvl. I’m currently 62. All foes are 72-78 and boosted. That’s a huge difference in upgrades and troop levels. 


Just putting my experience out there 

Made another post about it… We all share that problem… ?

Victories are plain imposible most of the times

because around lvl 60 you dont get lower lvl in your map

Im 36 and i dont get lower or even equal rivals since the update… Just +7 and above

dont know exactly, but it looks like there are stages in lvl appear in map for example lvl 1 to 29 next lvl 30 to 59 next lvl 60 to 89, dont know the right numbers

I’m at 71, and the range of my opponents is 76 to 92. Generally spread across the range, and typically see the same 20 or so players all the time.

Some are buffed, some are not. For the highest levels who have buffs, am finding needing to use invocations to beat now. My trophies were about 3400 last night, now about 3050 though I haven’t attacked much in past 12 hours. Trying to get a sense if this drop will slow down :slight_smile:

Before the first “crazy update” I was around 2700 trophies, generally in the in top 10. Highest being 2nd for a short stint. It’s been a crazy ride this past week…

TBD if the new system is “working”. I’m in ~50th position where before updates was top 10 and had very strong defence before defence nerfs. I’ve been investing nearly non stop in defence updates all week to try and max defences before upgrading to next temple level, and still losing trophies though I’m getting a good number of gems as trophies drop. 

More input - Reviewing the ranks - the problem I see that isn’t working is the normalizing of the lower level players who gained a large number of cups, like KFoolington level 26 - he’s still at 5600 ish and #1 rank. The high ranked, lower level, players do not seem to be normalizing. The higher level players (50+) almost all reduced very quickly to 2600-2800 range (I’m familiar with a lot of the names :stuck_out_tongue:  ).

I can say with some confidence I have a very strong defence for 71 (nearly maxed on towers and walls + buffs, troop levels), so dropping ~450ish trophies in past 24 hours seems out of balance with what I’m seeing for lower level players having much higher trophy counts them myself. 

My impression is higher levels are still being “punished” for being higher levels. I get the sense normalization may take several weeks, and by then most higher levels will have ‘given up’. 

Agree with above

im not seeing any lower levels - average range of opponents are 5-15 levels ahead of me

still testing it out though - with recent defense nerfs almost had to rebuild base ?

Same all players higher a lot with boosted defenses I clear all islands maybe maybe make 25 cups go back on in 10 and I’ve lost 30 it’s hard to take when I was sitting on top 20 for most of the game :slightly_frowning_face: