new to game any tips

hello what the best tips for a new player.


i have 1 tip, run away from RR2 trap… far far away.

Hey if you plan to stick with the game and play relatively often, build an alliance tower and join “The Snapes” ! We will give you plenty of useful advice!

Lol killerbee!! +1 :slight_smile:

  1. Read the wikia
  2. Read this forum often
    Gems Use them to buy a third spell slot, a third troop slot, a third worker, cleaning your path and alliance tower. Nothing else. Aalliance tower. With high level tower (50K-100K donation+) you will be able to join stronger alliance. You will then get better alliance gold bonus and more boosts. Vouchers are for food. Use your voucher to buy foods when you need to raid a lot of gold. This way you will be able to buy costly upgrades. Focus on offense first. You probably won’t have much gold to protect anyway in the beginning since you will be spending a lot. Have two set of gears. I have a gold bonus gear for raiding gold and an War season gear for better offense and protection. I currently have a total of 103.5% gold bonus (gear + alliance) which help to get great ammount of gold.