New tournament like pro

There should be a new tounaments like wars, based on pro league and the rewards can be like ninjas, wars are boring and the personal rewards of  the player are not good at all

And what is your suggestion? Raid opponents bases with a certain setup of troops and spells? That’s not going to work, since the odds to get good gear, spells and items you need to beat strong bases will most likely not be available.

I see you already raid with heal and toxic cloud only with non ranged troops against a base having tons of skull towers. That’s not going to work. 

Or do you suggest that we play a pro league against each other and see who gets highest score of top 45 players? First, the problem is that this event needs to be free, so no gems, tickets or whatsoever for participation. Then, second, you must make sure there are no cheaters like we see now in pro league. Third, you must make it interesting for individual players to participate. 

Agree this should be improved

This is very vague - and can mean a million different things

They already have alliance boosts in the pro leagues…

something like fights with friends. we can fight in the same battle with our mate. we want this!  :wink:

Yes. Fight with friends or have selected groups of players fighting against other groups.

Or maybe have Alliances collaborate. This would be great. We need something new.

And if the old wars will still be fought, they have to be fixed.

so @GalaMorgane @FTB we want something like this. fights with friends - sounds really intresting. i bet lot of players confirm this

Yeah this is what we want…?

I suggested this as a replacement for the Festival Events.

And the events did disappear after my suggestion so I have my fingers crossed that they took them down while they are implementing it. 

But I’m not holding my breath.

So your the blame for the festivals going away.

I made a difference! 

I ruined the game! 

And look at what the hell we have been left with. Community Week with no info is so much better than those lousy festivals.