new tower and obstacle lvl

this is wonderful …sooo innovative…we have been begging for this…its what makes this game so great…endless lvls

Congrats Flare, i see you heard us a lot !  <_< <_<

New spell and troop levels next, enjoy my creativity !

Is this game tested with uber gears only and then changes made accordingly by the development team?

Party for Offense OP Complainants. Enjoy Defense OP.

Double post.

Don’t forget there will also be a surprise ! I’m gessing another extra level for towers and obstacle, making it +2 levels !

This is what everyone cried for.  I’ll just wait for the OP defense  whining, so I need to upgrade all my spells and troops for 15m a pop. 

this reply actually made me laugh at this whole sitation :wink:

since the games started to stale flare made gave us 2 more levels… & what’s will do it but what after that? Some more levels after that…

Come On…

they can increse everithing else. why it must be? come on…

treasure chamber will go up too cuz max lightning tower is 15 million.    sucks …it might be time to rethink


Don’t forget the workshop. Also we will probably need to reseach plans…

The new levels will unlock the war boost power like sniper range for the arrow tower…

the castle gate is going to be fun in the next week…

watch out…

Flare itself is going to be surprised… :wink:


The level of the defense buildings will be increased by 1 (and no the surprise is not to add another level in addition) as there were complaints that currently the defense is useless.

Additionally, we are working on some more content for the defense as well.

what idiots…they listened to 15 people complain about defense and ignore the majority…they just cherry pick this forum…and r so damm nonresponsive and lazy

+1 levels hah, we had this before and it made no differeces.Won’t be much different this time either.Just added burden to farm gold.Was hoping for something better when I complaint.

The exact same happened last time, then those complaining complained about it happening, yet the same idiots complained again.

Hopefully the “surprise” will fix the skull perk system, somehow, though I doubt it.

In war the bases will be impossible, out of war the bases will be piss easy, this is the problem that flare need to fix.

Totally fed up,  we will never be maxed, lazy flare, just endless upgrades of this and that. :slightly_frowning_face:


When bases are hard, we provide a few level for spells and special gears. When offense is OP, don’t worry, we will add a few other level for defense buildings. 

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Everything happen follow a cycle, looping, looping and looping. And RR2 isn’t an exception. 

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