new tower and obstacle lvl

well there is not so much difference in watching upgrades …do i want to play a game where that is 90 percent of gameplay…hmmm…id rather watch paint dry

At least it wasn’t a surprise that the squeaky wheels would get what they want despite arguments from both sides.  Have fun at the maxed koonin base next friday :slight_smile:  

well i think game over for me

Here too.

I agree with the idea that about 15 people complained and now the game will get OP on defense! Nice job, you 15 fools! Really great work! I can only imagine how much more fun the game will be with 1 more level on defense. Think of how much more exhiliarating one stupid level of towers will be! I’m so happy that it will wipe out my last 3 months of perking all of my offense and all the new uber gear I got. That’s exactly what I was hoping for when I invested in this game: to have my investment completey nullified. This is going to be SO fun.

Yeah, I’m out soon, too.

Can’t wait till Heldeep announce his retirement as well

Can’t wait to see free player Flothaboss max everything in 24 hours too

Gonna be brilliant! 



Well, we could expect it indeed. Because a few players begged for stronger defense, we could only wait for this to happen. I was already surprised it took so long and hoped I was incorrect.

Fii, you were fast with the answer, had similar response in mind. Just because a player that is sponsored by flare demonstrates that with his max forged spells, troops and perked items he can beat any maxed base (where towers aren’t forged to max) without even summoning troops or any other combination of spells that other players would not even reconsider to use, the solution is an additional level for defensive buildings.

Instead of fixing bugs first, we continue adding stuff and introduce more bugs. I still had 4 crashes during one war today, just because of the doomgate bug on Windows that’s still not fixed.

What’s next, that we see a video where defense is upgraded every building to max plus forged and that the poor raiders that dare to raid even have hard times to score even a lousy 10% against his base, unless they scroll?

It would already have been more than sufficient to add the ninja’s into defense and even that would be unnecessary. I expect to get a defensive event where we must defend our kingdom with hero plus spells, troops and towers and try to stop a bunch of troops/monsters or whatever that is raiding us? So we must either prevent for 3 minutes that the computer destroys our gate or we win by destroying the tent? and that our reward is some defensive troop if we succeed long enough? 

Please, not again. Stop this constant cycle of adding more levels. Enough is enough

The doomgate fix is included in the version of RR2 coming as soon as possible.

Ok, but isn’t that late? War is already in progress. I am not complaining against you Alysea, you can’t help it.

It’s not easy to fight a team with doom gate, sacrifice troops, because we know that if the fire bombs aren’t gone, that it results in a crash every time.

Unfortunately it was not possible to have it released on time for this war. :confused:

Ok, no problem, my current solution is to sacrifice half my army and let the bombs explode Before destroying the gate. So I must be careful and not summon many cannons and definitely no pyros, because the dragon rips the gate apart. 

I am looking forward to this fix, it’s not easy to do this all the time.

Have a nice weekend Alysea. :grinning:


It will be a good thing once this issue will be kicked out. :slight_smile:

Great weekend to you too!

Offense was indeed OP, everybody should have known that, the problem is that I mentioned 100 times that adding new levels would be a bad idea, because we’re all tired of infinite leveling :confused:

What did you expect Flare to do? You REALLY expected them to reinvent defense? That’s a new level of naive. And now you’re making us all pay for it. Thanks a lot, buddy.


What exactly were you expecting? You didn’t see this coming for miles?


And miles?


And miles?


When everyone else did?



Obviously I saw it coming.I just hope that I’d be wrong and they’d introduce new defense instead.But overall, I am just a little annoyed but am not against it either.


Yup, and it was not naive, I hoped they would do something different as IMO devs had started to follow the right path, but this was not good at all, I’m as annoyed as everybody else. Also you can’t blame me for anything, I said over and over again adding new levels would be stupid.

Let’s now complain for

  1. No free uber chests for players. It is almost redundant cause you have buy them.

  2. Gems are a rarity, increase their chances in the CoF.

  3. Why increase towers by +1? We can easily do those. Please put +10, since we have 100 workers waiting. I plan to fire a few cause they are just lazing around.

  4. We can get workers so cheap. Please put at least 100,0000000 gems for each worker.

  5. Finally, please send somebody from FG to my daily work as I will busy upgrading everything.

  6. Please let us take monster gems pack by watching videos, since we do not know when we will start quiting this game, and don’t want to end bankrupt playing this game.


A suggestion to Flaregames

please employ people who are creative, they will keep you afloat.


I think whats funny is that people expect game to have a limit to upgrades when the game always receive updates plus new features and whats even funnier is people already complaint about OP defense when we haven’t even got the update yet.

Elite mentality this, should help in real life as well I reckon.