new tower and obstacle lvl

the end is near…whats really funny is those few who like 15 million gold upgrades that take 10 days…so 2 people playing the game will be happy now

I was just thinking on these lines. If FG decides to increase the gold output in the game, where each raid gives us 1 million plus them we can forgive them just for once. Guess, that will never happen and we will be drilled into it. Sorry, but a 100$ game has been reduced to 0$ game. I am sure that the gem package purchases are surely going to come down, as people see no end to this madness.

they could have done so much extra by just being innovative on the dungeons, or introducing some new feature.


Maybe the surprise is that the new max upgrade for all towers take a year :wink:  before it’s ready?

I don’t know and won’t guess. I wait what happens and hope it’s a pleasant surprise.

Who are they? Why you must do it for them? Why you listen to them? So we complain that we cant earn gems in COF without spend gems. Why you dont listen to us?

Feel it is something related to Ninjas raiding our base. Maybe

Offense is insanely OP but as we stated I numerous posts adding new levels won’t do much.

Cant you guys just adjust the stats on the defenses gradually instead of making us grind 15m for each new max level defense because that’s what I’m sure they will cost.

Or maybe your great surprise is that the gold chamber will get 2 new levels so we can spend 20m gold per upgrade?  If so, fun fun fun!

And everyone wants a level playing field that they can manipulate to their advantage…

Yet a level playing field is MAD … mutually assured destruction.

I really don’t know why this is not obvious.


again and again crying people)

whats wrong with u? Its just 1 more level)

i have more then 10 max every kind of towers and obstacles and im no cry)

its game

if u lazzy ass- u never be in top,u need upgrade permanently.

its about Alliance too)

Liebes Flaregames team ihr verschiebt nur die Probleme indem ihr wieder 1 Level den Tower/Barrikaden gibt. In paar Monaten bekommen dann Zauber und Truppen wieder 1 Level. Hier mal eine Beispiel wie man es besser machen kann. Zb: Fügt die Ninjas in denn Wellen. Alle 20 - 30 sec kommen die Ninjas. Noch ein Beispiel. Man kann max 3 mal insta Truppen rufen pro Angriff. Das sind 2 Beispiele. Ich könnte euch 10 weitere auflisten. Ihr solltet mal mehr mit der Com kommunizieren. 

Come on ppl… you know offense is OP…

Imho, this is just a step in the right direction. More lvls isnt bad at all (and its just one), sure wont solve every defense problems… but is something…

I hope the surprise is longer path or something that makes this game more diverse… im so tired to see L bases everywhere…

Harder defenses will be a challenge for everyone…

I belive the crying comes from players who use a lot of SP bonus on wars that makes them pretty lousy raiders (only on wars coz they sacrifice better perks they have outside wars) and force them to scroll a lot. Having better defenses will make them even weaker at wars… but SP bonus was questionable since the beginning. No harm done here…


well we r finding out the 15 who think a new lvl ts theanswer…if offense is op now what the hell is 1 lvl going to do to correct it…nothing its just a lazy irritating way for flare to pretend they like happy customers,after update they will have 15 yay

Again just sound: “waaaahhhh!!!”

yep a million waaaaahhhhhs and 15 yays


Just to be clear Gypsy Rose, you wont be affected by this change… you are around 4.6k Trophies… have fun… enjoy the game… belive me when you are near maxing your defenses it will be boring.

This change only will add difficulty for you to beat higher bases that should be difficult to beat for you in the first place.

And its no right when 105 level easy beat Koonin base

And you DIDN’T SPECIFY exactly what you wanted? Beautiful! Naive and incompetent!

Maybe you should be an engineer:

Karman: “I need more features in my car.”

Other engineer: “What features would you want?”

Karman: “I don’t know. Just more features.”

Other engineer: “You don’t want to specify?”

Karman: “No. Just more features please.”

Other engineer: “Here’s a lipstick dispenser”

Karman: “That’s not what I wanted.”

Other engineer: “Your problem, not mine, idiot.”


As i said before… adding more lvls to towers and obstacles is a step in the right direction but wont solve every defense problem…

I hope the surprise Flare announced will came with somthing to give us more diversity like longer path bases…

I don’t know why flare doesn’t do an in game questionnaire,  like they do for the special war boosts, at least then changes wouldn’t be implemented,   because of just a few players complaints. 

my base was maxed b4 the last update that raised tower lvls twice …its about maxed now…im often above 5k trophies…its boring watching crap update for 10 days…go celebrate with your useless senseless i lvl upgrade…15 people can make a nice small but nice party


Ugh!!!  The “waaaaaaahhhh!!!”  once again.

Btw… if you have all your defenses at max lvl…  and you are at 4.6k trophies…

you are doing it wrong!!!

Smell like… lies to me.